Disorganized Photo and Video Collection? Give Expression Media 2 a Try

Disorganized Photo and Video Collection? Give Expression Media 2 a Try

PC? Mac? With Expression Media 2, It Doesn't Matter

Expression Media 2, the latest development of the former iView MediaPro media organizer, is now available from Microsoft for both MacOS and Windows XP SP2 and vista. A free 30-day trial of the Windows version is available here; the 30-day trial of the MacOS version is available here.

So, What Can I Do with Expression Media 2?

Expression Media 2 can organize, annotate, and convert virtually any popular photo or video file types. Select a file, and the Info tab displays metadata from the digital camera and enables you to add many types of information to your photos, including annotations, information about people, keywords, categories, scenes, and subject codes. Use the Organize menu to find media by label, rating, catalog sets, date range, file type, event, author, people, and keywords.

Viewing photo information with Expression Media 2

Editing Power

Expression Media 2 includes an image editor that features edge sharpening, grain reduction, duotone conversion, color level adjustment, and photo negative inversion as well as more routine features. Its optional Media Versions feature enables you to go back to the original version of the image as desired.  It can convert photos to BMP, JPG, PNG, or TIFF with options for changing resolution, size, color depth, compression, watermarking, and preserving or deleting color profiles, metadata, and attaching annotations. Expression Media 2 also supports GPS-driven and manual geotagging.

Script Power

To help you get more done with large media collections faster, Expression Media 2 includes a large number of VBS scripts for adding file annotations, working with files, and performing other tasks. 

To find out how you can use your catalogs on other systems, or learn more about the Expression family, see page 2.



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Another key piece of cataloging software I use in organizing and searching my media collection is http://www.whereisit-soft.com/



Where-Is-It features support for plugins, enabling it to work with new file formats quite easily, and has a good report generator and script support. If you don't need the metadata editing features of Expression Media, this is a good and low-cost choice. Thanks for posting.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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