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If ever there comes a way where we can SUBSCRIBE to the digital issue through, say, Zinio, and ALSO get the CD in the mail (or, as a broadband-only download!!!), THAT would be GREAT!


And YES... I did say SUBSCRIBE.  I do not mind paying for greatness.  As a matter of fact, my 'dead tree' subscription goes through 2012.


MAXIMUM PC is, for all intent and purposes, my 'PC' bible.


Will, how about you and the team at least think about it.  Just go ahead and KILL the paper version, but make the CD continue somehow.  And really... Zinio is the only REAL way to go digital... .pdf can really SUCK!


Michel J. Gaudet



Bravo, Will and the entire Staff...

From my perspective, reader, this move to include the monthly mag online simulatiously with the Newsstand, has been going on for a little more than a year. Probably not though. I submitted my first comment here...Dear Will...My appologies...Still Dissapointed!



This is great. I love your Mag. After subscribing to all the others for the past 20 years yours is the only one I still subscribe to because of the fresh articles and it's a power users mag. Just upped for 2 more yrs, showing I'm not just talking.




I'm glad to see this coming... I was running out of places to store all of my back issues! Now I can put them into long-term storage and d/l the pdf versions..



PDF Archives of your magazine is the best idea yet! I don't want to throw away my old copies because I don't want to lose any information on past gear, tech tips and software tool recommendations.

My only wish for Christmas? I still have a years worth of 2005; any plans to publish 2005 PDF issues?

Jerry Schnetzer
Subscriber since 2005.



This should be interesting. Finally being able to read the entire magazine on my PC. You only have bits and pieces of your mags online now. Didnt there used to be online archives here?



Thank you MaximumPC and Will. The omission of the latest greatest news and articles on this web site has groused me for the longest time.
I am probably not the best businessman because I don't have Millions of Dollars. I have owned and operated a business for 18 years; think I have developed a marketing talent/strategy that can keep my customers coming back and constantly drag new customers in. All sucessful business's need to do this to grow and stay alive. This is rote for anyone that doesn't fly by the seat of their pants.
The magazine is great and I will always buy it to read. All the editors research and report on the products with passion and intelligence. I get passionate about what has been written also and want to share it with my closest tech buddies; we do this all the time. It's easy from the columnists website - copy/paste/email or instant message. I can never share anything I read in your mag this easy because the web site doesn't echo the magazine; I've always thought this was wrong and short sited.
I stated my concern in the forum yesterday hoping others would rally round and give support. Boy, was I wrong! It appears I was a rabbit in a rats den. That's too bad because I will avoid immature forums and go elsewhere. One response pointed me to "super-secret PDF archive"; I found your article, read it and dare to share with you my folly. But I still know I'm right. Obviously you and the magazine publishers know this is the way to go too.
In the future will you still hold back the current issue on the website? I hope not!
Old news is not worth repeating if it's been beaten on for a few months, yes? This is why I am still dissapointed.



Too true. I %100 agree and have thought the exact same thing my self. For the website NOT to mirror the magazine is very very lame and niggardly.



Thanks alot for this. I have been hoping to be able to get digital editions of my favorite magazine :) I would not have minded having to jump through hops to prove that I am a subscriber since I am a subscriber. It is much easier to store and find digital version of magazines than the print ones.



If you would just now allow us to subscribe to an electronic version of Max PC (like PC Mag and PC World) I would be in heaven. Travel a lot and can't handle the "forwarding" of print issues. Please consider making an electronic delivery option available (you are already doing the work, why not make the bucks ?)



I've been a subscriber for 10 years, and have been constantly asked by the spouse to recycle my old mags; now I have them eletronically...and completely portable when I travel overseas.

I will continue to be a subscriber and you just made the decision easier!!!



This is great news....we have been waiting for electronic copies for I can recycle my back issues and make more room in my basement...believe it or not...I do refer to articles a few years back....thanks again and put as many back issues as you can on the web site….



Awesomeness (n)
1. Maximum PC
2. Maximum PC
3. Maximum PC


Black Falcon

How far back will these issues go? I have about a thousand magazines laying around that are held together by duct tape and this would really help. Is the any chance us n00bs will get issues going all the way back to the Boot days? And will The Murph ever rebuilt Fort Murph? Inquiring minds need to know.



I love having every article, sidebar, etc., but what happened to the advertising? (I initially believed it was there, but I've read through a couple of issues now and am finding white space where the ads were).

One of the pleasures of reading back issues (especially if you've been using a computer for more than a couple of years) is comparing the ads to the editorial content.

I'd love to see you figure out some way to keep the ads in the archive.



So how far back will you go in the archives? I've got all the mags since Feb 2001, and seriously need to make room on my bookshelves! I've been keeping an Excel file referencing articles of interest, but still I've had to go back to the mags to re-read them, until now! Thanks mucho for making this so much easier! Finally I'll have space on my shelves for other things, like my collections of pocket-lint and porno-DVD's!!!! (Whoops...did I type that out loud?) Seriously....Thanks for all your hard work on your supreme magazine and website.



I really appreciate the decision to make past issues available in PDF. I have an old collection of your magazines and have recently started cutting out pages and placing them in a folder to reduce the storage needed. Along with cutting out the pages comes the problem of indexing the cut outs. By going to a PDF file you have saved me hours of cutting out articles.
Thank you so much! You guys/gals rock!



This Is What You Call MAXIMUM PC.



Honey if your reading this... Don't throw my stack of MaxPC out. I still neeeed them. My thrown room time won't be the same without them.

Although.... we could set up a laptop for dedicated "office" use.

Your choice babe.


Saiyan Monkey

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby! This rules! I only just started reading MaximumPC with the August 2007 issue (after eye-humping every page of the MaximumPC Guide to Building a Dream PC—cover to cover—I absolutely HAD to sample the luscious pleasure district known as MaximumPC magazine), so the fact that I'll be able to feed the knowledge beast within with all the great info I missed out on prior to 8/07 is this fledgling Power-User's wettest to finally being able to sleep with my wife again, but that's for another post on another day...

If it was so, it might be, and if it were so, it would be. But as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.

--Tweedledee and Tweedledum (possibly paraphrased)



I called Mr. Dave Murphy and left him a message, asking about this, and he never replied... Nice... But yeah, now I guess I have my answer so woo hoo!




Sorry, but I get busy with the magazine sometimes, and don't always have the time to individually reply to each reader.

That said, I do try to get in touch with ya'all as much as possible. Did I just say ya'all? Jeeze...



will the cd's that came with the store bought books be avalible for download? or purchase?



I'm glad to see this coming... I was running out of places to store all of my back issues! Now I can put them into long-term storage and d/l the pdf versions..



Thanks for providing this awesome service. Like so many have said, I can now make the wife happy by ditching all those old copies that take up space.

I'm glad you guys went the 'DRM'less route and are making these an easy access download.

Just re-upped for another 3-years of MaximumPC awesomeness!




Now I don't have to keep 7 years of magazines at hand to look up reviews and articles. My only suggestion would be switching the month and year arouund in the file name ie. MPC0701 instead of MPC0107 so that if ordered by filename, they are already in order by date also.



Maximum PC,

Now you have gone and done it... You have made one of my favorite magazines EVEN BETTER!!!

Thank you for the archives...They are a GREAT addition to my 3 year 'offline' collection.

Dennis Gerik




A further help would be an annual pdf index or TOC of the year's articles.



Still will always subscribe as the actual mag is fun to look at and hold! And I can take the mag anywhere... like the bathroom for instance.

The PDFs are great for reference when I want to go back and look at a how-to!

Keep up the good work and excellent no BS reviews!


zine team279


I'm tempted to give my subscription up for the nice, clean, and most importantly: Ad-Free version of MXPC. Although tempted, I'll continue to support the magazine. Since it is a magazine, and I can't wait an entire month for an issue.

You guys truly are 'double 1337'.
(Psst. Butters; queue the shutter!)


Darth Ninja

kewl! now MCP can take up space on my PC instead of my bookshelf!
: D




This is really great, can't wait until you put up the older issues prior to my subscription years ago. I have to wonder though, what about overseas distributors? I think the July issue only just hit the shelves locally, don't you think you should hold off a few months on the latest issue?









Expect to see a drop in the money you guys are making. But at least you wont have gaping holes in your hearts for destroying sooo many trees...

Y()|_| 6|_|Y5 4R3 571LL 5|_|P3R |)()|_|8L3 1337

1 |0v3 y0u m4x1umump(!



The best PC Mag content in the business and the best customer care!

Wish I could see the faces of the other PC Mag editors when they find out about this! I'm sure it scares the "livin crap" out of them!

Thanks Guys,




Thank you very much. I've been waiting years for this. Every time I throw out a huge stack of back issues, my heart sinks a little. They might have been old, but there was still useful information in them. Plus they all "KICK ASS". Now I can get them all back. Thanks.



I've been really enjoying the website and the podcasts in addition to my DT subscription. I will always subscribe to the mag, but now I don't have to worry about the toilet falling through the floor because of years of issues stacked on the tank!



Wow! This is great! My hard-copy archive of Maximum PC was bursting at the seams. A lot of other publications are offering their back issues on CD ROMs--for a price. But you guys are posting yours for free on the Internet. Now I can make more space on my book shelves.

Thank you, very, very much!



SWEET!! Thanks so much!



thank you, thank you, thank you!

I've been waiting along time for this. Now i could finally get rid of a closet full of magazines!



Commence freeloading now!

You guys are awesome. No wait.......



Mr E

Now I don't have to agonize about whether to keep or recycle my old copies of the magazine. You guys always have great stuff that I want to follow up on, so now I can keep the PDFs on file instead of that archaic wood and pigment technology.

Oh yes, AND I just re-upped yesterday for two more years. Love your magazine!

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