Dell XPS 720 H2C



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I ordered one of these machines shortly after they came out. Besides taking over 6 weeks to show up (Dell promised 2 weeks, and yet still charged for express delivery), the machine didn't work out of the box. After hours of pointless time wasted talking to customer & technical service, they finally sent someone to check out what was wrong (they wanted me to ship it back). Diagnosis: Blown motherboard, faulty CPU. Sent it back, and 6 weeks later (12 weeks since ordering it) and I finally got to fire it up. Wow, it was slow. A couple of hours to remove a ton of "value software" that Dell thoughtfully provided (which finally sped the machine up to it's advertised performance) and I could finally see what they intended. Sort of. To make a long story shorter, it was sent back to Dell, a full refund, and I built my own machine instead. For the price I was charged, I should have gotten a real dream machine. Instead, I got a nightmare. Avoid this one.

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