Dell Drop Kicks Proprietary Parts



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This is good news but FTA: "More recently, the company has been called out over BTX support"

What exactly is the problem with BTX? Granted the adoption has been poor; but it's hardly proprietary. I think BTX is the key if you want a wicked silent system of any power to speak of using conventional cooling methods.



I agree, the IDEA behind BTX is good.

I own a computer store, and I can assure you that BTX motherboards do burn out. Just the other day one came in. I hopped on NewEgg's web site and search for BTX, and... Hold on! They don't have ANY?!?! This is an Intel standard, so I'll check on their mobos. What? Intel doesn't make them anymore, either? Wow, for such a good idea, it sure doesn't have much industry support. Oh, well.

Anyway, I ended up ordering one from Dell at around a 25% premium from an ASUS or MSI board.




Dell drops kicks proprietary parts nope. This article is wrong! I work for dell and the 720 was able to swap out the powersupply and mobo also. But the 720h2c you could not. This will be a One time thing and that is all it will be, maybe more in the future but they are not changer there line of products to that. Just because they do it for one machine doesn't mean they will do it for all, keep that in mind when buying a dell. Don't get me wrong they are great machines. Just keeped to the 720 or this new one if you don't like proprietary parts. Anys enjoy.



But I didn't know Dell's proprietary parts included things as "standard" as the power supply. Glad I read this article before I decided to try "upgrading" my aging Intel 820 based Dell. Thanks Maximumpc!

Look! A Distraction!



Wow, took them a while. Just shows how lame they are.
"Dudeeee you're getting a dell"



I have to admit, I didn't know about this. There was a time when Dell, by default, didn't use proprietary parts. In fact, that was one of the reasons I used to recommend Dell to folks. I even used to own a Dell that didn't have such parts.

Well, I'm glad they're not doing it anymore, but like someone else said, I wonder if it's an across-the-board policy.



Now I can finally recommend Dell to people looking for advice on a new machine. Perhaps I'll even consider them when it's time to upgrade my wife's machine.

Wonder if it will be across the board? Knowing Dell, some models will still be locked in.

Funny thing is... why would "a certain company" care to take the time to mess with SLI speed? They're not in any danger of losing the speed race any time soon.

There's no time like the future.



It's about time and that's all I've got to say about that.



Looks like a damn good machine for the price... I may have to take advantage of my business partner discount. :)



its cool that dell is not using proprietary parts and all.. I'd still rather build my own though : P I do agree that this is very noob friendly in the way that it is overclockable and much more upgradable.



I'm just glad that Dell is finally letting users have that non-exclusive upgradability once and for all. After all, if Dell wants their systems to last a while, it should be the customers' own choice as far as what components they wish to upgrade to, and not Dell's upgrade options. Just hope that we'll see more companies allowing open upgrades like this.



many people do not look outside the big names for their pcs. i feel bad for a shmuck who buys a PC (with proprietary parts) that uses it, learns more about it, wants to upgrade DIY, and fries his PC. this will make upgrading more accessible and available to the mainstream


Number Six

To test it out... I hope Dell unlocked the FSB in the BIOS ;-)

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