Dell 2407WFP-HC


Dell 2407WFP-HC

For the most part, Dell’s 2407WFP-HC sports all the same features as the regular-ol’ 2407WFP—a damn fine monitor in its own right (it received a 9/Kick Ass verdict in September 2006). Same stand, same bezel, same ergo options, same array of inputs, same menu options. What’s changed is primarily the backlight. Using a wide cold-cathode fluorescent light (W-CCFL), the HC model is reportedly capable of displaying 92 percent of the NTSC color gamut (thus the “High Color” designation)—100 percent being the full range of colors that can theoretically be displayed, according to the National Television Standards Committee. LCDs typically display 72 percent color gamut.

By adding the new backlight to the 24-inch model, Dell is keeping it consistent with its other large, high-performance widescreens the 3007WFP-HC and 2707WFP, which also sport 92 percent color gamut. Interestingly, while I’m a big fan of the 2707WFP (it was the monitor for this year's Dream Machine), I found the primary colors in the 3007WFP-HC to be a little too saturated and artificial.

Naturally, I was anxious to see the 2407WFP-HC in action. I set it up in our Lab alongside its non-HC counterpart and ran all the content that I normally do for LCD reviews: DisplayMate, a series of high-res digital photos and illustrations, DVDs—both standard and high-def—and of course games.
What I discovered is that the HC model is every bit as good, if not better, than its non-HC counterpart in DisplayMate, which primarily evaluates grayscale performance, text reproduction, gamma correction, and backlight issues.

For evaluating color matters, the high-res digital images proved useful. Here the HC screen appeared noticeably more vivid; red, green, and blue shades were particularly intense, but not overkill—although skin tones did appear a little flushed. Overall, the effect was quite pleasing. Perhaps even more so with movies and games, which were enhanced by the more vibrant color palette.

Indeed, I’m happy to report that our strong buy recommendation for Dell’s 24-inch LCD remains intact. At $680, the new HC model is just $10 more than the model it replaces.



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I got a 2407WFP-HC back in the fall of last year. As soon as turned it on I knew I was going to send it back for a refund. Video and any movement on the screen was a blurry mess. Mind you the picture and colors were great. I loved the design and the many useful features (i.e. video inputs, card reader and USB ports) but I was very very dissapointed with its performance. Has anyone at Maximum PC read the support/hardware/monitor thread on 2407WFP-HC ghosting on the Dell web site? There's a lot of complaints of ghosting on this monitor and I was one of them. Also it took several months to get my refund. They have another 24" model but it has a TN panel and no extra features.



I'm amazed Maximum PC didn't see this ghosting issue that seems to be running rampant on this first line of 2407 HC's.

A pity.

I really want to upgrade to a nice WS LCD monitor, but it feels like you can't find something anywhere at almost any price without some kind of crazy bugaboos and such.



Mine has some major ghosting when playing Counter-Strike Source.



Please send the monitor to me so that I may compare it to my Dell. I promise to send it back (eventually).

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