Dear Microsoft, it's Time to <s>Ditch</s> Fix Games for Windows Live



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Valve has now released Steamworks. Newell and CO. are providing developers a free SDK that will easily integrate not only features such as anti-piracy and server browsing, but also the social community backbone that the Steam Community rides on. Utilizing Steamworks, developers can implement friends lists, matchmaking, stat tracking, and even achievements into their games. Sorry Games for Windows Live, but I see no reason for a developer to come knocking on your door.

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If Games for Windows Live ever gets it right, it will still mainly support games that, with the possible exception of Universe at War, cater to the console player. If the option screen on my PC game shows an Xbox360 controller and I don't even have one plugged in, I already do not want to play that game!



I tried playing Gears of War on my PC and due to the inadequacy of Windows live, it will not run on my computer. I have random boots back to desktop and total shutdown of Gears, hell I have never seen past the firs 2 minutes of the game. Very disappointed with Games for Windows. I will not purchase another game made by microsoft because of the bad taste left by Gears of War.



GfWL is obviously a long way off of what steam offers. I didn't get to use steam until I purchased the Orange Box. About 1.5 months after my purchase there was a steam update and guess what. The update would progress to 80% and throw an error. I uninstalled and re-installed from the web to find I was getting the same error. BTW, if you can't connect to steam, you can't play the games! It took me about 4 days to track down the fix to this particular issue. But from what I read about steam, it frequently goes down causes problems for it's users. When it works, its a great experience.

Also, lets not forget that this is Microsofts way of developing things, they release a kinda working product that really leaves alot to be desired. The competition isn't threatened at all, MS's next rollout is on par with the competition and then the next rollout tends to be great, not perfect but great. Sure it has it's problems, so does steam. I am a big fan of Steam, I like the interface and features. Right now, I wouldn't use GfWL, but 2-3 years down the road, it will most likely be a viable competitor to Steam.



Wow, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see the day that Steam is used as the example for others to follow. I am use to it now, because I was forced to be, but I remember the uproar when it first came out, nobody wanted "them" to have that much control over "us". But now they do, and like lemmings we all conform without question. Sure it has some useful features, but for the most part I hate having that thing on my PC at all. Having the service that provides me the ability to play my game ROB my game of system resources while I am trying to play my game is ridiculous. Update news? What update news...every other day or so I get a big window pop up saying Update News!! Excited, I look to see what they have fixed on my favorite game.....and what do I see instead? Steam is pimping yet another crappy game that I don't want. I PAY for the Privelege of having the Spamware installed on my PC. Most websites ask you to become a paying member so the Spam will stop.....not Steam.


Darth Ninja

Seems like Microsoft has to fuck something up, err, fail at something, so someone else can do it right... then Microsoft makes a knockoff of the thing that works

I'm a Xfire junkey myself, and frankly I wouldnt consider switching / sharing my CPU cycles with another app that doesnt do as good a job in as simple a package.

If you havent heard, Xfire's adding video capture to it's arsenal, take that Microshaft!



Anyone remember the old MSN GameZone? I thought that worked out pretty well. It had an "always on" friend list, and I myself never had problems playing on their overall setup. It was perfect for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings! IMO, MS had a good thing going and should have just stuck with it. If they wanted change, just expand it, not dump CD ROM matchmaking support for some of the most popular games of all time! Also, as far as I know, the latest AoE incarnation isn't even ON GfWL. What's up with that?

I myself use Steam since I bought the Orange Box, and love it! I actually have Xfire as well, and it works almost as good actually. I use it to find servers for the original HL and TFC since Steam doesn't accept my keys.



Bravo, Will - you've concisely diagnosed the problem and pointed out a great solution that's already been proven. The biggest barrier is Microsoft's old "not invented here = not doing it" mentality. That was a lousy idea even when they ran everything - and it's absolutely disastrous now that their de facto monopoly is under attack from MacOS, Linux, OpenGL, and so on. If they want to stop the bleeding, cooperate!
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



just like MS to always be behind on everything like normaly. anywhere from there os to there games. doesnt any one see the pattern they are creating here? when windows came out they had usb support in what os's? non up till windows 98 SE, mac? had it from day one. now dont get me wrong i aint a mac user nor am i a windows user but i just kinda find it funny how windows is always the last one to get into the gam and when they do do it they always seem to do it sh!tty and have a billion and a half updates to fix it that usly cause nothing more then more headaches and wasted hours of tinkering. any one else think maybe for a company thats suppost to lead the world in os usage would step up and start doing things first rather then taking others ideas n murdering them to sh!t in the process of "trying" to make it there own.

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