Danger Den Custom AMD Kit

Danger Den Custom AMD Kit

DangerDen_AMD.jpgDanger Den is one of the most popular online destinations for a la carte water-cooling parts (water blocks, pumps, radiators, etc), but it also sells pre-assembled kits using exclusive hardware. We tested a top-of-the-line kit for an AMD CPU and nVidia GPU, and to say we were impressed is like saying next month’s Dream Machine will be a decent gaming rig.

Unlike every other water-cooling kit we’ve ever tested, the Danger Den kit is completely internal. Everything—including the radiator—fits inside the case, as long as you have a 12cm exhaust fan with enough clearance to mount the radiator. Though external installations are easier, we prefer the internal approach because it’s cleaner, quieter, and sexier.

The kit includes the following parts: an AMD water block (TDX model), a water block for the GPU (Maze4 model), amazingly flexible and easy-to-install half-inch Tygon tubing, an adjustable 12V pump, a clear 5.25-inch reservoir, a 12cm fan, a Black Ice Xtreme 12cm radiator (with Pabst fan), and a bottle of MCT-5 nonconductive coolant.

Installing the water blocks was relatively easy, we didn’t even have to remove our motherboard. The only issue we experienced was that the mobo—an Asus A8N32 SLI—has a heatsink next to the CPU socket that cools the chipset. We couldn’t use Asus’ provided clip-on cooler because the radiator sits flush with the heatsink.

The kit performed as well as other similar kits, but we were particularly impressed by its quietude. With the pump at full speed, it’s barely audible, and cranked down to its lowest setting, it’s dead silent.

Our only issue with Danger Den’s kit is that the included installation video shows parts that did not come with this kit. Still, performance and flexibility make this a Kick Ass cooling system.

Month Reviewed: August 2006

+ SAFETY: Completely internal, insanely quiet, great performance, and it looks trick.

- DANGER: Gets very cramped in a mid-tower; instructions are for parts not included.


URL: www.dangerden.com




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