Daily News Brief: Who's Courting Circuit City?

Daily News Brief: Who's Courting Circuit City?

Block City? Circuit Buster?

Spring is in the air, and companies are not being shy when it comes to courting one another. While Microsoft's busy pining over Yahoo, Blockbuster yesterday announced an infatuation with Circuit City, offering $6.00 per share in cash. The offer was made in a letter sent to Circuit City Chairman Executive Officer Philip Schooner back on February 17 on behalf of Blockbuster's Board of Directors, but Schooner has yet to check yes or no. Press release and original full text of the letter here.

Sins of a Solar Empire v1.04

Norman Chan reviewed Sins of a Solar Empire in Maximum PC's March issue, where the RTS earned a 9 verdict and coveted Kickass award. In the write-up, Norman found the "AI difficulty very uneven," one of the many areas addressed in a new patch released last week. Version 1.04 makes the AI less likely to gang up on the leading player in Easy or Normal difficulty, and introduces a laundry list of changes, tweaks, and enhancements. More details found in the changelog.

It's a Fake!

Rebranded computer parts are nothing new, nor is there anything wrong with rebadging a product. That all changes when the rebranding isn't authorized, and according to NordicHardware, DFI has found itself the victim of identity theft. The site claims two models of fake DFI boards have been discovered in the wild (MCP73V and MCP68V), both of which will not be covered by any kind of warranty or support. Buyer beware.

Sennheiser Soliciting Trade-Ins

If your old headphones aren't cutting it anymore and you'd like to march to the beat of a different eardrum, Sennheiser hopes their new trade-in program will be music to your ears. The sultan of sultry audio is offering cash for your old Sennheiser headphones: $5 for street earbuds, $10 on classic and sport earbuds, $15 for in-ear models, and $25 for high-end noise canceling models. And it doesn't matter if they're broken, they still qualify. Rebate form here (PDF).

Teens Texting Nude Photos

No, this isn't Maximum PC Gone Wild, but teenagers are getting more 'adventurous' with their text messaging habits. Some police and school officials have noted that instant text, picture, and video messages have become part of teens' courtship behavior (welcome to the 21st century guys), and they're becoming increasingly X-rated. A member of Central Ohio's FBI Cyber Crime Task Force said he's "seen everything from your basic striptease to sexual acts being performed," which makes us wonder just who he has on his friends list - ZING!

Mac OS X 10.5.3 to Fix QuickTime Issue

Early 2008 MacBook owners continue to report an issue with QuickTime that results in flickering videos or other signs of distortion. Check user headspace and timing? Only for buying a Mac. But as it pertains to the QuickTime SNAFU, the distortion is appearing on factory-fresh systems running Mac OS X 10.5.2, indicating the OS may be at fault. According to MaxFixIt, "Mac OS X 10.5.3 will include specific fixes aimed at resolving this issue, specifically eliminating a 'graphics corruption issue.'"

Steve Jobs Photoshop Gallery

Perhaps we're unfair in picking on Mac users, so we'll aim higher. Gizmodo posted the results of their latest Photoshop contest, in which participants were asked to depict Steve Jobs as either good or evil. See the Jobsfoolery here.



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Any girls out there want to text me, feel free.

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

Well that was fun. I like the photo of Steve jobs in bed nude with another nude man resting his head on Steves nude belly while Steve plays on his worthless Mac Laptop.
And the South Park pic with Steve, Satain, and Saddam Hussain. I've always suspected Jobs as being an agent of evil. He gave into the dark side rather easily.



Wow, nude texts...I totally grew up in the wrong era. :P

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