Daily News Brief: Where'd the M-Rated Titles Go?

Daily News Brief: Where'd the M-Rated Titles Go?

M-Rated Titles on the Decline

The Grand Theft Auto series is still going strong, but the number of M-rated titles has declined by half since 2005. These and other statistics were released in ESRB's Winter 2008 newsletter, which claimed that 8.5 out of 10 games released in 2007 were rated as appropriated for ages 13 or younger. Supporting developers' decisions to target more family friendly ratings, 2007 enjoyed record breaking game sales to the tune of $19 billion, also making it the busiest year ever for the ESRB, who assigned 1,563 ratings, or 22 percent more than the year before.

Chip Wars

We're not talking about the continuing battle between AMD vs Intel, but potentially a new one involving start-up Montalvo Systems. The Santa Clara based start-up is designing a low power multicore chips intended for notebooks, which they claim can run the same software as Intel chips. Various investors have gambled $73 million into Montalvo, who doesn't yet have any chips, but has filed for several patents. Adding drama to suspense, several people behind Montalvo have previous ties with Intel. Read more here.

A Sea of Trouble

The mystery continues as reports of a fifth cut to undersea cables have surfaced. According to the Khaleej Times, the mounting damage has affected 1.7 million internet users in the United Arab Emirates. One theory suggests the damage could be the result of a ship's anchor dragging due to inclement weather, but Egypt's Ministry of Communications contends that no ships were present when at least two of the marine cables were severed.

The Million Dollar Letter

Would you pay $1.1 million for the letter 'S'? That single letter could mean the difference between bragging rights and shameful defeat in an intense game of Scrabble, but for a British travel company, it meant the difference between cruises.co.uk and cruise.co.uk. Seamus Conlon, owner of the latter, paid the hefty sum for the former, breaking the previous record of $300,000 for a .co.uk domain.

Time Warner to Hang Up AOL's Dial-Up

The dial-up era may finally be behind us, and as far as Time Warner is concerned, it's already gone. Rather than hang on to AOL's struggling dial-up business, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes instead announced plans to sell it off. The challenge will be in finding a buyer. Bawkes warned investors to be patient saying it might "take several more months because it's fairly complicated," according to the Wall Street Journal.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive Gets Price Drop

According to Engadget, sleepless shoppers could have grabbed the high-definition add-on for a mere $80 at Amazon late last night, but that sale appears to have come and gone. Don't feel bad if you missed it - instead of spiking back up to $179, Microsoft has officially marked the HD-DVD drive at $129, representing a $50 price drop. You still get a free copy of King Kong, along with an offer for five more free movies by mail. Take that, Blu-ray? Probably not...

A Reminder to Research

A recent power supply review over at HardOCP failed to woo their editors and had them questioning how the unit earned the SLI-Ready logo stamped on the box. Turns out it didn't. Bryan Del Rizzo at NVIDIA said the reviewed unit was never submitted for SLI certification, and cautioned that "on occasion, vendors put logos on boxes without first ensuring it meets all the criteria to be certified SLI-Ready." NVIDIA's on top of the situation, but as Rizzo rightly recommends, always refer to SLIZone for an official list of approved components.



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I think all these cable cuts are just teasers for the next Cloverfield movie. DAMN YOU JJ ABRAMS!!



I agree, can't be happanstance, but don't think it's sabotage either. It's not having that big of an effect.

I've seen shows that talk about those cables, how they lay them, how they reapir them. They said some marine life get it in their minds that those cables are fun to chew on. Perhaps a shark has aquired a fetish.

There's no time like the future.



Now I may have only taken 1 or 2 courses in statistics but if you ask me all the coincidental suggestions went out the window after this fifth cut.

You want my opinion?

It's definitely a super advanced race of sea monsters that are getting ready to scratch out the itch that is mankind.



The link for the Chip Wars article is missing.

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