Daily News Brief: Wal-Mart's One Day Blu-ray Bonanza!



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Yeah no way I'm giving them my genome.

My ability to regenerate lost limbs is mine and mine alone. If someone wants a new limb you come directly to the source. Itl cost you $25 for an arm and $35 for a leg, except on black friday where I'll be giving 20% off. My bloodtype is A+ and there will be no refunds on limbs that go gangrenous.



I read Michael Crichton's book 'Next'. Yeah, give my genetic code away so someone can make millions... pfffft :P

Now 10 free blu ray movies for the price of a PS3 sounds great, though Wal-Crap? and on Thanksgiving weekend I think the movie selection may be a bit picked over. But in any case it does catch even the biggest PS3 hater's (me) eye.

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