Daily News Brief: Verizon to Acquire Alltel



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"Intel dominates the world market for microprocessors, the electronic brains of computers."

Woah there fella, you are getting way to technical for me. Back in my day we didnt hear nothing about this electrical microbrains gibberish. All we needed was some land, a good cow and a hard workin' wife. But now all I hear about is peoples' eye-pods, labtops, and pea-seas. And now they are talking all about some sorta electronic-web. Who the hell wants robot spiders anyhow, and with electrolized microbrains to boot?!


Talcum X

$25.4, must be a metric conversion. Being the base number for conversion from english to metric units (.03937 being the inverse), they should only own about $1 million USD.

And KFTC? Kentucky Fried Trade Commission?

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



I like that dude


Keith E. Whisman

So Intel is being fined. 25million dollars. Where does that money go? To make it easier where does money from fines go here in the USA? 25miilion is alot of mullah.

Also I remember the excitement and thrill of accomplishment that I had when I was able to get voice and music to work in DooM 1 and figuring out how to get my Dos games like DukeNukem 3d to work in Windows 95. Those were the days. DNForever will really bring back memories of my simpler single life. Can't wait.

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