Daily News Brief: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Goes Live



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I installed Ubuntu 8.04 in my PC running Windows Vista Home Premium. It is awesome.

I have no trouble with the installation at all, it is straight forward. Everyone should try it

So far I haven't experience a crash, this OS rock. I will recommended to anyone. It 

comes with FireFox 3 wich is the faster and most safer browser in my opinion. I like to 

to say that Ubuntu is easy to use, I think it is more easy than Windows Itself. I am not

an expert but I certain did a multi boot with Ubuntu with no problen at all. Anyway if you want to try

it, here is how I did it. First go to Computer Management and double click. you need to

say yes UAC permision, then double click Disk Management, in the right pane right click the c:\ Drive

the one that Vista is and choose Shrink to automatically make a partition space. You dont have to

format. Then you need a Ubuntu CD ISO...you can download from Ubuntu Website or visit this link

Http://www.apcmag.com....here you can also find details instruction in how to install Ubuntu and

a link to their Website okay! Once you have the Ubuntu CD inserted into the CD/DVD Drive and 

restart the computer and it will boot from the Ubuntu CD and proceed with the installation, make sure

to select the partition space that you make before and follow instruction, it is straight forward.



I have gone to linux... so far so good, ummm, great!!  Sure there are games to play on XP or Vista and I still may one day but the age is here to stay.  I have tried Suse, Ubuntu, and a few others and they are perfectly fine.  No crashed systems anymore.  Once I had loaded printer drivers and the log on was impossible afterword, any user attempt!!  It took 3 days of registry manupulation to gain access to my system, the process was daunting and most all of the software would not function.  Long story short... these are maturing OS's and never really become safe from self destruction.  It is not all the fault of the OS but being able to search a repository and know that what is going to be installed is safer, is enough for me.   So far Linux has all that I need and I use all that I can find.  So in closing, I do not have a broadcom wifi card which can be an issue, but one day this will be the OS to beat.



I really hope this works well with the PS3, although I heard this has some significant bugs in it.



...I know, and hey, more power to them. But I hope and pray to whatever God or Gods that we all may or may not believe in that these jeans don't catch on.


There's no time like the future.



I had to check the calander, I thought I had warped back to April 1st...


Keith E. Whisman

Hey Ubunto kicks ass. It actually installed from within Windows Vista Ultimate64bit.
This is one of the best distros that I have messed around with. Really having some fun here. Everyone should try Ubunto out. Awsome.

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