Daily News Brief: S3 Graphics Launches New Videocard



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dovid t

shouldn't there be a bottleneck on the video card? and why don't the nvidia people just buy a core 2 duo and stick it on their gpu instead of their own? it seems kind of weird.



No, there isn't a bottle neck due to the smaller manufacturing process. What really matters is the speed of the proc itself. There is a huge difference between GPU and CPU procs mainly due to how they handle different things. GPU's are specially designed with massive parallel processing in mind while CPU's typically don't have to deal with those same sort of tasks (less threads and what not).

Also, the manufacturing size itself doesn't denote anything, efficiency and speed of the proc both matter by far more. However, the smaller sizes tend to consume less power at idle. So, if one were to stick a core 2 duo or even a core 2 quad into a graphics card one would probably experience a slowdown in performance from the card because neither of those processors are designed with graphics work in mind.

The reason why NVIDIA uses a larger process is because they have a harder time changing process sizes due to overhead. It just recently changed to 65nm and it will probably be a while before we see graphics cards for NVIDIA in the 45nm range. However, because AMD is both manufacturing CPUs and GPUs it is easier for them to change sizes as they can share equipment between their former ATI branch and their AMD CPU manufacturing.



The CPU and GPU process size have nothing to do with eachother. You could have 45nm Core 2 Quads running 8800 Ultra which is 90nm with no problem. It's the speed of the card itself. Not the process size.

Also, the Radeon HD 3450 is 55nm and can be run with an 90nm Athlon in an HTPC, for example, just fine.

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