Daily News Brief: Researchers Say Video Games Nearly as Hazardous as Smoking

Daily News Brief: Researchers Say Video Games Nearly as Hazardous as Smoking

Video Games Cause Lung Cancer

Er, wait. The headline's incorrect, but according to University of Michigan Researches Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman, only smoking poses a slightly larger effect on one's health than violence in video games, TV, and movies. They came to the conclusion after reviewing more than 50 years of research of violence in the media. In related news, Maximum PC blogger and admitted video gamer Paul Lilly has concluded that out of all the studies attempting to link violence in games to aggressive behavior, reading the latest by Huesmann and Busham is only slightly less intoxicating than binge drinking.

Who's the Most Powerful Person in Business?

If you guessed Bill Gates, you'd be wrong, at least according to Fortune Magazine. Topping the list of the 25 most power people in business is Steve Jobs, the King of Apple. He took the number one spot because of his influence in five industries: computers (Apple II, Macs), Hollywood (Pixar), music (iPod), retailing (Apple Stores), and wireless phones (iPhone). And Bill Gates? He ranked number seven.

IBM to Annoy Millions

Advertising makes the world market go round, appearing at sporting events, during television shows, and even making its way more predominantly into video games. And if IBM's patent application gains steam, you could be viewing commercials during the middle of a DVD movie. The patent outlines a plan where movies could be sold at a standard rate and contain commercial interruptions without the option to fast forward, or a commercial free version for a few dollars more.

Wii Continues 'Fantastic' Sales

Reinforcing the expected shortage of Wiis this Christmas, a Nintendo executive said that holiday sales of the console have gotten off to a "fantastic start." The numbers back his claim, with 350,000 Wiis sold in the U.S. last week, and 300,000 the week before that. At this rate, Nintendo expects to sell 17.5 million units in the fiscal year ending March 31, 3 million more than originally estimated.

Net Neutrality, Take Three

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's the motto Edward Markey, the chairman of a House of Representatives Internet and telecommunications panel, is following as he gets set to introduce a new version of his Network Neutrality Act. Twice before have versions of the Act been shot down in Congress, and this new one will "closely follow" the old one. Hearings and other action are expected to take place starting in January.

Holy Bounty of Books, Batman!

The Universal Digital Library's goal is to 'capture all books in digital form,' and they do mean all. They're off to a good start, announcing they've scanned 1.5 million books so far (the majority of them in Chinese), and thousands more daily. Stepping up to fund the ongoing project, the US, China, and India have each contributed $10 million.



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I would go back to VHS if that were the case. Come on IBM! Go bug Apple or something.



Commercials in the middle of a DVD. . . wow, just wow. . .

The fact they would even suggest it makes me sick.



Wow, they really just don't want my business, do they? Any publisher that uses this scheme will see 100% fewer sales from yours truly.


Talcum X

Over the years, commercials have crept up in movies, either what we rent/buy or go see in the theater. They are usually longer than the spots seen on TV (usually cell, soda or car adds). Then come the previews of upcomming flicks, all usually adding about 10 minutes of suffering before you even get to the main feature. All IBM is doing is moving it to the middle, I guess its a forced intermission and potty break. But if given the choice, I'm sure most people will buy the version without the rude insert, and if that will be the trend, it will be a bad investment on IBM's part. As always, vote with your wallets.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



That sucks. I will boycot IBM if they do it. This is another DRM scam gone wild that will only hurt the average consummer and only slow down the boot-leggers, that will just edit out the adds or come out with a hack.



I never thought that I could be pissed off that a company would patent an idea. But, I was wrong. IBM, I tip my hat to you, for the most annoying patent ever.

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