Daily News Brief: Read Marvel Comics Online!

Daily News Brief: Read Marvel Comics Online!

Online Comics

And they're the good kind! Marvel launched a new online service called Digital Comics Unlimited, and as the name implies, subscribers can view all the comics they want, both old and new. The service runs $9.99/month, or $59.88 for an annual subscription, which breaks down to $4.99/month. On the fence? If so, you can sample 250 free comics, and you don't even have to register.

Retail Stores Easily Hacked

While secretly monitoring more than 3,000 retail stores across the U.S. and Europe, AirDefense Inc. found that half of them are using systems vulnerable to attack. Transmitted data includes personal information such as credit card and Social Security numbers, and 25 percent of the stores were only using the antiquated WEP protocol at their access points - yikes!

Kaspersky Contest

In what has to be one of the goofier contests on the web, Kaspersky's giving away a grand prize trip to Russia, Las Vegas, or a cruise. To enter, shoot a video of how Kaspersky has become a part of your life, upload it to YouTube, and if nothing else, receive a free I had Worms t-shirt. And while you're at it, be sure and check out this (c)raptastic NSFW submission (language) to see what you're up against. Yeah, we're speechless too.

Tricky Robot Cockroaches

Researchers at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium have designed robot cockroaches programmed to act like their real-life counterparts. After being coated with pheromones, the little buggers managed to trick real roaches into accepting them as one of their own. So the next time you get turned down for a date, give yourself a spritz of cologne/perfume and try again.

Abu Dhabi Buys 9% Stake in AMD

Mubadala Development will spend roughly $700 million to take a 9 percent stake in AMD, a move that the Committee on Foreign Investment may end up looking into. But for AMD, the sale will go towards paying off debt, which sat at about $5.3 billion at the end of September.

Firefox 3 to Retain Bugs

Mozilla typically refers to bugs as blockers when they're significant enough to postpone a release, and Firefox 3 apparently has 700 of them. However, only about 20% of them are expected to be squashed by the time the new browser ships, a result of running behind schedule. The most important bugs will be dealt with first, and developers have until Thursday to prioritize the blockers in their areas.



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