Daily News Brief: PS3 Fans, Are You Ready to Ruuumble?



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Whomever is writing these story synopsis needs to look them over before posting. I've found various syntax, spelling and word omissions over the past several days. Here's todays:

iHaptic: "...a pair PhD students..." Should be, "...a pair of PhD students..."

Microsoft: "...more than twice as much as the $613 fine..." In context, most will assume that's in millions of dollars, but it should be explicitly stated for clarity.

Paypal: The "Here" link takes you to Fox's site instead of CNNMoney.

Hackers: "...including keys to unlock encryption..." Should be, "...including the keys for unlocking the encryption..."

Hackers: "...for up to hours..." If a specific number goes here, it's missing. If your speaking generally, it should simply read, "...for hours..."

All minor changes, but it can make the difference between professional-looking and amateurish writing.



If you pick up one of the new PS3s, or already have one of the older models, check out Maximum PC's Folding@Home team:






in all seriousness the one reason i didnt buy a ps3 was because it didnt have a rumble feature. I mean i've had rumble since starfox 64 and they were expecting people to drop 800 or 900 on a console with no rumble. now i just dont want one because it doesnt have an decent games and im low on money.

too bad u didnt make this earlier sony.

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