Daily News Brief: Piracy Stings Nintendo



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I hate how every time someone talks about piracy they assume that the company lost money due to people who have pirated versions instead of paying for the real thing.

These people wouldn't have bought the real thing even if the pirated versions weren't there. In fact in the anime industry piracy (at least piracy in north america) increases the industries profit. How do I know which anime to buy until I've watched it? Am I supposed to just drop $100 dollars on a boxset of a show I might not even like? I don't think so. I watch an ilegal copy and if I like it I go to the mall and pay for it. If I didn't download the pirated version I would never have bought the real product.


JC's Demon Slayer

I used to think that blu-ray would be cool, before it ever came out, but not since the war's become so political. People can say it isn't, but it is. Sony and the other companies have been paying others off, just to get them to gang up on HD DVD backers. They should've just co-existed, and left it at that. HD DVD wasn't fighting anyone, Blu-Ray is the only one being aggressive about it. I personally hate Sony, and can't wait for their imminent demise. Same goes for Warner Bros. I also can't wait for VMD to kick Blu-Ray in the balls. The other reason these companies chose BD over HD DVD, is that nobody's able to copy BD discs, but HD DVD's are fair game.


Darth Ninja

The "Here" link for the 'Duke Nukem Forever' story is broken - you've got some html encoded spaces in there (%20)

The correct link is http://tinyurl.com/29rxc9

just Fyi



It's amazing how fast the HD-DVD format is crumbling... just shows how much everyone hated the format war and wanted to move on.


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