Daily News Brief: Phenom Bug Discovered



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MaxPC get your facts straight or, at least defend AMD here. Key words here are: errata. That means AMD knows about the issue. Intel has errata for EVERY IC they make-so do other manufacturers.

To replicate the system hang, one needs to request multiple requests, memory fills, etc. at the exact, idle time for the system to hang. And a freezing system is still rare, most likely the computer will not respond immediately while the CPU sorts itself out.



Or course AMD knows about the bug, hence they're working on a fix. Unfortunately, the workaround involves updated BIOSes for motherboard manufactures that, when implemented, could result in a performance hit of 10% or more, and it affects all Phenom variants, not just the higher clocked chips (2.4GHz+) as AMD alluded to when delaying the Phenom launch. Exactly what part of this should we be defending?



Here's betting the new anti-piracy "protection" gets cracked within a week of the public release.

When will these companies learn? Piracy is a simple fact of life in this industry. Accept it.

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