Daily News Brief: OLED Keyboard Materializes!



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Is that it's "3-Key" and similar products will do much better than a full keyboard.  W/ mappable keys that can change their picture based on what they are mapped to will make working w/ Kiosks SO simpile!

Can you not picture it? 

I'd love to have one of those sitting under my monitor.  I could assign them as launch keys, or status keys, or wow keys, or hockeys...

Really, I see thier tech as far more useful as an add on keypad than a full on keyboard.  Besides, I have a g15, what more do I need?




THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



Optimus: I remember reading about this when it was first announced. Very cool. Also, very expensive. I don't see this ending up in most homes, but a must-have for the tech-junkie. I can also see this showing up in the sci-fi movie/TV arena.

eBay: I can /kinda/ see the need for raising fees, but to not allow negative feedback is just plain wrong. I've had a couple bad buying experiences and being able to tell others about it is important.



They just aren't "hard core" extreme typists. Some people get so used to to the soft touch keyboards, that when they go back to the old "spring buckle" keyboards, they complain about them being "too hard".

I actually welcome the fact that it uses mechanical switches, it will be like my IBM Model M! Which, IMO is the best keyboard money can buy. Yes I am serious!

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