Daily News Brief: NVIDIA Promises to Open Can of Whoop Ass!



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"How much faster can you render the blue screen of death?"

Just thought I would post that quote from the link about NVIDIA. But also, I'm ready to give NVIDIA my full support. I'm a bit worried for them though, because I personally don't like AMD or ATi, and if NVIDIA and Intel are going at it, then what would happen to NVIDIA if Intel stops making boards that support NVIDIA cards? Will NVIDIA be willing to make their own CPU system etc?



"What would happen to NVIDIA if Intel stops making boards that support NVIDIA cards?"

Intel could ill afford to make such a move. They've won back enthusiasts with the Core 2 architecture (and upcoming Nehalem), and somehow making NVIDIA cards incompatible with their chipsets would cause an uproar. And I'm sure NVIDIA wouldn't mind the additional 790i sales that would result - Skulltrail niche aside, they already own the SLI crowd...



the only problem... is that some folks do not do games. It would cost more to have dedicated cards within every computer. Integrated does the job for basic computer use, and some folks don't do more beyond email, web surfing. Would you say the same with laptops? dedicated cards on a laptop would suck more battery life out when in most cases is not neccessary.

Some integrated graphics are powerful enough to do some games at a basic setup with playable frame rates.


Keith E. Whisman

Well if we made it a requirement that the most basic VGA solution that is made be no less powerful than the integrated graphics from Nvidia and ATI things would be better. It really wouldn't be a big difference in manufacturing costs. Nvidia and ATI integrated graphics are made just about as cheaply as Intel extreme graphics but they are hundreds of orders of magnitude faster and more powerful. Now with Nvidia and ATI integrated Graphics as a minimum benchmark for integrated graphics software and OS's would not have to be made that are backward compatible with hardware that is ten years old. ie I915 chipset. And 915 is still around. Really this is the 21st Century lets start looking like it. We are never going to get LCARS if we continue with basic craptacular hardware.

And an ATI or Nvidia integrated chip would'nt suck down anymore juice than Intel Extreme crap graphics.


Keith E. Whisman

My problem with integrated graphics is that they just plain suck. I always have suggested getting at least a low end graphics card so that if they should ever want to play a basic 3d game they can. Intel extreme graphics can barely handle Aero. A few years ago I heard many graphics manufactures claim that integrated graphics was the way of the future. To me that always seemed like a bleak future.
It's about time somebody stood up to Intel and told them just how unacceptable their graphics solutions are. No computer should be built with graphics that can't play games at all.
Integrated graphics can be produced that at least let you play games with all the eye candy turned off.
Boards that come with integrated graphics should come with a PCIEx16 slot so someone that wants more power can have some options.
Intel thinks Extreme graphics is enough that's why you don't have any options other than PCI for graphics upgrading. Intel should not be aloud to make and sell boards that are so limited.



Can of whoop ass graphic..."chunky". :)



be cool if they can figure out the System Sentinel low power issue.. I am at a loss as to weather a different PSU or a ATI graphics card would be the better end all issue to that.
Of course it is the mobo's / PSU to blame....

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