Daily News Brief: New Guitar Hero Release

Daily News Brief: New Guitar Hero Release

Aerosmith Walks This Way to Guitar Hero

Call it crazy or amazing, but come this June Activision plans to release a special version of Guitar Hero, although this won't be the same old song and dance. Instead, only music from the band Aerosmith will come together in this interim title, which is expected to walk this way to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and Playstation 2 (pre-orders here). Can't wait to find out if you have what it takes and already own Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Xbox 360 or PS3? From Saturday through Sunday, you can download Aerosmith's Dream On and rock out like a blind man. And just like that, we're out of strategically placed Aerosmith song references. Love in an elevator.

Online Review

We've read some oddball reviews that were off the beaten path, but none as delightful as Philipp Lenssen's examination of color pencils. Armed with a 24 pack of Faber-Castell 'color pencil devices,' Lenssen covers everything from setup and use, to compatibility and advanced features. We're not sure which amused us most - pointing out "full support for advanced international character sets," or warning that "after some usage of the device, it automatically shrinks in size." Well played, sir Lensson.

More Apple Price Cuts

If you're anxious to pick up one of Apple's new 16GB iPhones or 32GB iPod touches, consider fighting the urge and you could be rewarded with a little extra jingle in your iPocket. The same applies if you're planning to snag an earlier model, too. According to 9to5Mac.com, Apple plans to slash prices by $100 on both the iPhone and iPod touch lines in the next month or so, likely a result of falling memory prices. Or maybe a 3G iPhone is closer than we think...

Microsoft Handing Out Development Tools to Students

Budding game makers and software designers take note: Microsoft this week unveiled the DreamSpark initiative, which will bring development tools into students' hands the world over free of charge. Available immediately to college students in the US, Western Europe, and China, the program is expected to extend to other countries and high school students, with the potential to reach 1 billion students.

GeForce 9 Series

Citing un-named graphic card makers, Digitimes reports NVIDIA will launch the GeForce 9 series on February 21st. The launch will debut with the 9600GT (G94), a 65nm part with a 256-bit bus. Also debuting with the G94 will be Dual-Streaming decoding technology, allowing simultaneous high-def image decoding and picture-in-picture functionality. Expect to pay around $170-190 for the new card. Read more here.

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0

Firefox 3.0 might be stealing the open-source spotlight, but Mozilla's Thunderbird will attempt to dazzle with a few new tricks in its third iteration. Due to reach version 3.0 by year's end, Thunderbird will beef up its search capabilities and officially integrate the Lightning calendar add-on, according to David Ascher, chief executive of Mozilla Messaging. David also says to expect a public alpha within the next three months. Read more here.

It's Officially Over

The high-definition format war, that is. Toshiba issued a press release stating they "will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders."



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Best Buy already has these on the shelves. They are a whopping 250.00!



I'd be hard pressed to scour the entire known catalog of all music to come up with a worse collection of music than a best of Aerosmith...



Trying to keep in mind that everyone has their own musical preferences, Aerosmith has been one of the biggest influences on the music world for going on 40 years. You don't have to personally like all their music to understand how important Aerosmith has been and is to music. While I can't stand the mix myself, what they did for hip-hop/rap/current pop music with the remake of Walk This Way with RunDMC changed the face of music, opening up entire new worlds of possibilities for artists and entertainment in music. Hard pressed to find a worse collection of music? Try 80% of what's been on the radio for the last 15-20 years!

That said, I guess I really don't expect some Brittany/Justin wannabe fanboy to get it...


Try to be smarter than the object you're working with! It will make things easier, and might just save your life...

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