Daily News Brief: Netflix Survivors Given Partial Refund



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That's not the only thing Edison gets credit for that he actually didn't do. One common misconception is that he invented the lightbulb: NOT TRUE.


Keith E. Whisman

That's it. I'm sick of Americans self depricating our country. Edison did invent the phonograph. He invented alot. Do you really think the phonautograph does the same thing? Did you read the article past the first few words? Did you listen to the mp3's? Edison's inventions recorded audio rather clearly and was then capable of replaying that audio immediately. His device is what makes alot of what we use today possible. The record player, the CD player, the Hard disk drive. All these things began there life from Mr.Thomas Alva Edison's invention of the phonograph.
The Phonautograph made a visual repressentation of audio that only recently is decipherable and replayable. If you listen to the MP3 it sounds illedgible. I can barely make out a voice in there somewhere. The phonograph was an amazing success and worked flawlessly a hundred years ago. The phonautograph recieves replay functionality using currect technology and you have to admit the reproduction sucks.
Tell me Edison stole that invention. Quit hating on your own country and inventers that helped shape our culture and lifestyle.

And Edison and his crew did invent the lightbulb. Befor the lightbulb there were open air devices that quickly burned up. Edison and team invented the lightbulb using a carbon filliment in a vaccuum filled glass bulb. No body else befor Edison did this. The first bulb's lasted for 40 hours and then eventually to 1500hours. A quick google look up will get more info.


Keith E. Whisman

And after Édouard-Léon Scott did'nt complete his phonautogram he went on to work on the Windows Security team. Really what's the point it sounds like a girl singing as much as it sounds like rocks grinding together. Ghost hunters would claim it's the earliest form of EVP.
And Sony, Netflix, and WOW... Woop de freaking Doo

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