Daily News Brief: MS Conspiracy Theory Exposed!



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I think HD is great. yes the media costs alot now but that will change it time and be much cheaper in the future. I like to record HD football games and save some of them. A HD over the air game, 3 hr 15 min is about 21.5 G of space, using media center. The quality is much better with HD, but if you edit out the commercials and or transcode the video content with a lower bit rate, screen res, you can fit the game on a DL DVD with dvd quality for a few bucks. Downloads come with DRM attached too.

Did you know how much Bill Gates earns per minute? Well its over 5000 dollars a min.




Lets just remove all HD DVD formats alltogether.

They are too expensive. The standard DVD formats (that we have always had) works fine.

Love Linux and 3D Linux Games :)



Just to be clear, the DOJ doesn't get to say what's constitutional and what's not. In fact, it doesn't appear that it's a party to this lawsuit.

Third parties can often file briefs on appeal supporting one side or another in a legal case. The PC World article isn't terribly clear, but it appears that's what happened in this case.

In other words, the US Attorney's office for that district is throwing its hat in with the RIAA, but the court still hasn't made a ruling. It's likely to be quite a while before we know for sure.



Michael Bay is just upset that once again he couldn't hold the camera steady for anyone to see what's going on.

How does one kill two competing industries by actively backing one of them? If MS is to blame, so are all the studios, blockbuster, etc. that have chosen sides.

Let's drop both formats and back that new HD one that came out a few months ago. It sounds better than both anyway.

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