Daily News Brief: More Interesting than a $25K Cell Phone!

Daily News Brief: More Interesting than a $25K Cell Phone!

Get Your $25,000 Cell Phone

We're not sure what's more surprising; the high price tag, or the fact that it's not an Apple product. Instead, this 18,000 euro ($25,400) cell phone is a joint effort between Vertu (a Nokia subsidiary) and Ferrari. The pricey phone will enjoy a limited edition run of just 60 units, currently being sold in London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 (as it's been dubbed) celebrates Ferrari's 60th anniversary.

Oh My, EMI! Is that an FCC Logo?

How relevant is that FCC tag on your motherboard? Not very, according to an anonymous Taiwanese motherboard engineeer. He claims that "some manufacturers put the FCC logo on their product even though they don't send in to any lab," and that they either go by unnoticed, or get caught and fined. The poor EMI regulations started garnering attention when it was discovered some of Gigabyte's GA-P35-DS3 motherboards failed European and U.S. EMI regulations, yet still managed to ship units numbering in the tens of thousands.

A Third of Parents Want Kids Offline More

A new survey reveals that a third of parents feel their kids spend too much time online, and as is stereotypically the case, mothers are more concerned than the fathers about which sites they're visiting. Online profiling and social networking sites drew the most maternal ire, with 80 percent finding them inappropriate, compared to 65 percent of dads. Far from definitive, the phone based survey questioned 411 parents with children between the ages of 6 and 18.

Steroids Sold on MySpace

In an 'I told you so' moment for the above surveyed mothers, social networking sites can pose more problems than sexual predators. In what some authorities consider the largest steroids crackdown ever, five Connecticut men (out of 120 arrests) were charged for selling steroids on MySpace. In some instances, making a purchase was as easy as sending a message through a seller's profile, some of which appear to be marketing towards a younger crowd. Those indicted could face up to 15 years behind bars along with a $750,000 fine if convicted.

Commodore Won't Die

The best selling computer name of all time just refuses to stay buried. Earlier this year we saw Commodore Gaming emerge as a new OEM intent on capitalizing on grown up gamers' nostalgia, complete with some groovy C-Kin covered towers. And now Tulip Computers wants the Commodore brand back, which they sold to Yeahronimo Media Ventures back in 2004. Tulip will bid $1/share, putting the overall value at $81 million. It remains to be seen whether they'll also try to purchase the Commodore Gaming branding.

Excel 2007 Fails Basic Math

A bug's been discovered in Excel 2007 that rears its dunce capped head when multiplying two numbers whose product equals 65,535. Pick up any dollar-store calculator and it will tell you 850 times 77.1 equals 65,535. But do the same thing in Excel 2007, part of Microsoft's Office 2007 productivity suite (which can run up to $679), and you'll be told the product is 100,000. Microsoft manager David Gainer says the correct answer does get stored in memory, and they're working on a fix so it also shows up in the cell.



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"A new survey reveals that a third of parents feel their kids spend too much time online,"

Geez, well, I don't know, perhaps your should try being a parent and turning the computer off? Maybe you wouldn't feel that way then.

I swear, it's not that complicated.



Drunken Hero

Horse, your wisdom far exceeds your name. Just kick the little bastards off the comp, I mean hell, its my turn to play CSS anyway! When I catch that mailman...



No matter how rich you are, its a total waste of money.



isn't it better to spend those amount of money building the coolest(fastest, eh) pc??? :D


Talcum X

I'm sure we thought this problem went away with the P-75. Leave it up to M$ to resurrect it.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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