Daily News Brief: Microsoft Offers $44.6 BILLION for Yahoo

Daily News Brief: Microsoft Offers $44.6 BILLION for Yahoo

Microsoft Courting Yahoo

How's $44.6 billion sound? That's the amount Microsoft put on the table as a buyout offer in a letter to Yahoo's board. The number represents a 62% hike above Yahoo's closing share price on Thursday. Creating the perfect three-pronged storm for a takeover bid, Yahoo recently cut its revenue forecasts, announced plans to layoff 1,000 employees as part of a restructuring plan, and mulled spending $300 million this year to revive the company.

UPDATE - What do the Maximum PC Editors have to say about this? Find out in this week's No BS Podcast with bonus Wookie coverage!

And the #1 Graphics Supplier Is...

Intel! Bet you thought we were going to say either nVidia or AMD/ATI, but according to John Peddie Research, Intel remains the market share leader claiming a 37.4 percent piece of the graphics pie. NVidia follows behind at 28.4 percent and AMD holds the third spot at 23 percent. Combined graphics shipments in Q4 2007 were up 106 units over the previous quarter, equating to a 17 percent increase, ranking as the highest quarter-to-quarter increase in six years.

Madden NFL 08 Goes Out on Limb

Just not one that's very far. In a simulation of this Sunday's Super Bowl, Electronic Arts showed the unbeaten New England Patriots edging out the New York Giants by a score of 38-30, thus finishing off a perfect 19 -0 season and making this Editor very, very happy. But the Patriots' record isn't the only one at stake; according to EA, the Madden series has correctly picked the winner for five straight years.

Newflash: iPods Safe!

Sounds like a no-brainer, but a couple of studies in 2007 suggested iPods may cause interference with pacemakers. The Food and Drug Administration says otherwise. FDA researcher Howard Bassen and colleagues took to task four different iPod variants and measured the magnetic fields from each, then measured the voltages delivered to the inside of a pacemaker by those magnetic fields. Their results were posted today in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine, in which Bassen and his team state "Based on the observations of our in-vitro study we conclude that no interference effects can occur in pacemakers exposed to the iPod devices we tested."

And the Survey Says!...

That's a line from the old game show Family Feud, and we're not talking about the modern version that's seen at least three different hosts try to revive the former TV hit. No, we're remembering back to 1975-1985, when then host Richard Dawson planted more kisses on contestants then 80s wrestler Ravishing Rick Rude gave to female spectators. But we digress. Badly. On the topic of surveys in the here and now, Thermaltake is asking for user feedback, which they claim will take "approximately 3 minutes and 38 seconds." In exchange for the precise time investment, Thermaltake will give away one Xaser VI chassis and ten mystery prizes to randomly selected participants. You can take the survey here.

Playstation 3 Makeover

Following in the footsteps of the original Playstation (PSONe), Playstation 2, and handheld PSP, the Playstation 3 might also shed some bulk and emerge in a new, slimmed down version. That is, if T3's story bears fruit. T3 claims they heard the news at CES from a "particularly well-informed insider," which puts this squarely into rumor territory. But if Sony's history is any indication, then it's only a matter of time. Stay tuned!

Speed up Vista

Does Microsoft's latest OS feel a bit sluggish? If so, you're not alone. Microsoft apparently recognizes this, and a new Windows Help and Hot-To article recently emerged detailing how you can "optimize Windows Vista for better performance." In it Microsoft offers up suggestions such as deleting programs you never use, limiting startup programs, defragmenting, and handful of other entry level tips. Yawn. After you give the guide a once-over, be sure and snag the March issue of Maximum PC for an assortment of no less than 51 enthusiast level Windows tips covering both XP and Vista.



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Registered Linux User #404122
Microsoft has encountered a critical system error and must now shut down. Better get Bill Gate$ on the phone for this one.......

Thats whats at stake if M$ gets ahold of Yahoo. The two major chat programs (aside from IRC) are MSN and Yahoo chats.
On the plus side...M$ would get rid of the annoying spam bots...but it would continue a legacy of monopolistic practices by M$.



EA may have really screwed the pooch on their superbowl prediction but the Giants deffinately brought their "A" game a bitch slapped the Patriots. And damn thats alot of money for Yahoo
Preston Everett Jurinak



I blame EA for the loss.



I think the last time I used Yahoo was around 6 years ago or so. Who uses Yahoo anymore? It's not like it has a hope in hell of competing with Google .



Boy EA was WRONG.

One, IMHO, both teams weren't playing their A game.

Two, just once again proves that cheaters don't win in the end.


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