Daily News Brief: Microchips to Require Activation



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So, Let me get this right. EPIC will cost more to make and put in a chip. It will require the user to activate the legitimate chip in order for it to operate. Software can't be designed to trick the chip because the number (ID) is only known after the chip is "started".

A Pirated chip will now cost even less (in relative dollars) because they will skip EPIC (it's a pirated chip remember?) and will require no activation.

How exactly does that discourage piracy? Am I slow or something? (Don't answer that).

This is the problem with current DRM concepts. It runs legit users through hoops. Cripes, it's going to get to the point that pirated stuff is more user friendly simply because it just works rather than asking a dozen questions and requesting a phone call!

The biggest problem I see with much of the DRM stuff around is that it focuses on trying to get you (the user) to prove that your material (hardware or otherwise) is legit and put the onus on you - the end user. When did it become my job to enforce the intellectual property right or copyright of a company I don't work for?

When legit product become more difficult or hassling to use than pirated ones, THEN you have a piracy problem. Cheap is appealing. Cheap and easy is really appealing.



"It will require the user to activate the legitimate chip in order for it to operate."

The user won't have to activate the chip, the manufacturer will. For example, the company producing/selling the MP3 player.

The theory here is that the activation scheme will cut back on defective chips making their way onto the marketplace, and encourage companies not to outsource production. But would it play out that way, or as you mentioned, ultimately create hoops for legal beagles?



Team killed players no longer drop their weapon?

That could be a problem. If someone is getting killed by somebody on a different team, a team member of the person getting killed could TK the guy on his team so the guy on the other team wouldn't get the weapon he dropped.



Maybe now, governments and managers won't be so silly and assume that because Microsoft "costs more" that it is "superior" to free software. e-mail worms affecting any of my FreeBSD embedded computers/devices: 0. FreeBSD for the ultimate win.

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