Daily News Brief: Meet the $750K Desktop!



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As ugly and under-speced that computer is, I've got bigger questions. What exactly are they suing verizon for? I read every last word of the original article that was linked, and i still don't see anything that says WHY verizon's etf's are allegedly illegal.



Well First off the specs on this computer are shit a $2000 computer beats this like common plz is this a computer or a jewlery box it doesnt even look like a computer like how do you turn it on what youy throw some diamonds on it.i think even a rich persone would be stupid to buy this.!!!!!!!!!!



If the platinum case costs that much then why didn't they make the actual hardware the best it could be? Who wants a 750k computer if you have a poor friend who has a better one? Besides its not like they would need to increas the pricetag for the component upgrade since it's so trivial compared to the platinum case.

I know this is pretty obvious but it still baffles me.



The person(s) who builted this THING can take back all their daimonds and platnium and shove it up their *ss.

8400gs?! i laughed so hard. That thing is not even worth 3k or maybe even 2k.



It's a joke. I am sure they have not built one. though I can't read the writing, it appears to be some kind of cryptic foreign language.

THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



750k for a PC? ummm here is a thought... buy a block of Platinum, and put your PC on top. it will be cheaper and faster ;)

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