Daily News Brief: Manhunt 2 too Taboo for Target

Daily News Brief: Manhunt 2 too Taboo for Target

Target Boycotts Manhunt 2

Despite selling other Mature-rated video games, Target recently confirmed they will not carry Manhunt 2. Reminiscent of the Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto, Target's decision to boycott Manhunt 2 came after learning users could alter the game code and view filtered content. Manhunt 2 originally carried an Adults Only rating before blurring out violent content to 'downgrade' to a Mature rating and have more stores stock the game, but hackers on the Playstation Portable have already demonstrated how the violent scenes can be unlocked.

Warner Not Taking Sides

Warner continues to be the only major studio supporting both HD-DVD and Blu-ray, and despite rumors to the contrary, it appears they'll continue to do so. Some had taken Dan Silversberg's comments (Warner's VP of high-definition media) at this year's Blu-ray Disc media event to insinuate Warner would be dropping HD-DVD. Jim Noonan, Warner's SVP of Strategic Promotion and Communication, recently clarified that they will continue to support both formats, with no changes or announcements forthcoming.

Intel Eyeing Up Android

Yesterday Google announced their Android OS along with the Open Handset Alliance comprised of 34 other companies. One of those companies is Intel, and some believe it's another sign they're looking for alternate software for their Mobile Internet Device project. Rather than compete in the Smartphone market, Intel's refocused on the MID project and will ship Linux based devices in addition to Windows based, which is where Android could come into play.

Prince Prances on Fan Sites

The artist formerly and now again known as Prince has been busy serving legal notices to fan sites, demanding that they remove all images of the singer, lyrics, and "anything linked to Prince's likeness." But at least three fan sites are fighting back, with www.housequake.com, www.princefams.com, and www.prince.org releasing a joint statement concerning freedom of speech. Prince and those helping him maintain his image (insert obligatory joke here) contend the real issue has to do with Prince's record label and three unofficial websites using trademarks and photographs, and that Prince has no plans to sue his fans.

Google Gives Directions at Gas Pumps

Google just can't stay out of the headlines, and this time they're making news over a partnership announced Wednesday that will have the search giant giving driving directions at thousands of gas pumps across the U.S. Starting next month, compatible pumps will sport an internet connection and display Google Maps able to be manipulated by motorists. Ready for the kicker? For now at least, streaming ads will not be included.

Microsoft Exec Fired

Stuart Scott, Microsoft's former chief information officer, was terminated from his position with Microsoft yesterday. No specifics were given on the reason, with Microsoft only stating the dismissal came "after an investigation for violation of company policies." Scott had been with Microsoft since 2005.



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Hmmm, the mysterious firing comes at the same time that MS is caught having paid a Nigerian supplier of 17,000 laptops for Nigerian school children to dump Mandriva Linux for Windows. Gee, that sure looks like a bribe... Unfortunately for MS, the Nigerian government stepped in and halted the deal:

IOW, it looks like MS can't even successfully pay people to use Windows anymore.

Of course my guess that the exec's firing was related to this debacle for MS is merely speculation based entirely on its proximity to the Nigerian story breaking, but then such mysterious and reckless dealings by MS actively invite such speculation.


If they aren't gonna sell Manhunt 2, then I guess they aren't gonna sell Gears of War, Clive Barker's Jericho & Timeshift either huh? and if they do, then i guess it's nothing but a 'personal' decision made by those suits at Target.


Talcum X

I'm a firm believer that Stuart was fired because he withheld personal information upon his hiring. He didn't tell MS that he had a CONSCIENCE! I'm sure he was trying to do right by the people (consumers) and that just isn't company policy.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



4.5 out of 10

Surely you could have worked Nazism and Satan into your quip.

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