Daily News Brief: Longest. Cut-Scenes. Ever!



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Keith E. Whisman

Hey I just installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. Previously I complained to Adobe that I did'nt like the Google toolbar option was preselected when Adobe is downloaded. Now Google Toolbar automatically installs without asking, no option. Just for making the mistake of trying to install Acrobat Reader. I freaking hate toolbars. I like google but not its stupid toolbar. Yuck YUCK YUCK YUCK Adobe. Isn't it illegal to install something without asking?



Keith, give Foxit Reader a whirl. It's a PDF reader just like Acrobat, but much snappier.



Why are you so sexy?


Keith E. Whisman

Whats the use in having an Ipod if you guys aren't going to be releasing podcasts every weak? I'm going on strike.

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