Daily News Brief: Intel Demos Nehalem



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Talcum X

If I had a SSD setup like that, my P4 3.0 Prescott would hum right along too.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



More Nehalem coverage coming up in tonight's Daily News Brief, and the preliminary benchmarks look very promising.



Registered Linux User #404122
Microsoft has encountered a critical system error and must now shut down. Better get Bill Gate$ on the phone for this one.......

Pardon my french....but Micro$atan is full of shit.
I have run Vista on a Pentium 3 933 mhz Hewlett Packard with 512 megs of memory. Granted there was no schnazzy 3d Aero display...but it ran capably.
If I can do it on a PENTIUM 3 computer...why can't someone run it on oh say a Pentium 4 1.8 ghz processor with at least a gig of memory??



man when vista first came out in jan i had vista ultimate running on a slot 1 with a socket 370 adapter card, 600 mhz cpu with 384mbs of sdram running at a clock speed of 66mhz and a 1-2mb video card thats older then then dirt and a 20 gig hdd and it worked fine, i wasnt able to use aero but who cares so they are just trying to pull bull sh!t like they always have, the only thing i had problem was it was a tiny bit laggy but nothing unbearable



broken link or has the article been pulled?



Fixed - thanks for the heads up.



Qore's content is going to have to be pretty damn compelling to support a subscription model. PS3 owners paying for information and content that's available free elsewhere? Don't know about that.

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