Daily News Brief: Hug Eric Ligman Day!

Daily News Brief: Hug Eric Ligman Day!

Somebody Needs a Hug

Between the resource requirements, UAC annoyances, Vista-capable lawsuit, installation nightmares, DirectSound3D dissing, and more versions to choose from than most cartoon characters have fingers, you'd think Vista users would be the ones crying foul. Instead, Microsoft's US Senior Manager Eric Ligman went on the offensive in a recent blog post, lambasting anyone and everyone who's ever used a licensing loophole to install a Vista upgrade. Sure, he has a point, but does Microsoft really need the negative PR that comes from raking consumers over the coals?

Make Calls with Your iPod Touch!

No, we don't know of a way to transform your iPod Touch into an iPhone, but that doesn't mean you can't make a phone call on your swank music player, if you're willing to void the warranty. Lifehacker's Senior Editor Adam Pash posted a tutorial on how to do just that, which requires 'jailbreaking' your iPod Touch and then installing SIP-VoIP, a freeware app that works with a handful of VoIP services (sadly, no Skype support). You can find the tutorial and accompanying video here.

Arrgh! Ye Better Be Compensating Me, Matey!

Miffed over blocked traffic by Danish ISP Tele2, The Pirate Bay said it will file a complaint seeking compensation. The complaint stems over a Danish court order in February ordering Tele2 to block customers from the torrent site, a decision which is currently under appeal. If successful in obtaining monetary damages, The Pirate Bay said it will use the award to fund independent artists who share their music on file sharing sites. Because, you know, when we think of legal file sharing and pillars of the online community, The Pirate Bay immediately comes to mind. Wait, what!?...

GTA 4 to Break Sales Record

Citing unnamed "sources close to publisher Take-Two Interactive," Variety says Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV will bring in a whopping $400 million during its first week of sales, more than any other video game to date. They're also saying the new title will sell 6 million units after it launches worldwide on April 29. Microsoft holds the current record for the biggest video game launch of all time after Halo 3 grossed $300 million in its first week, selling 5 million units.

Safari Update

Apple released Safari 3.1.1 yesterday, which address a handful of security issues. Chief among them is a JavaScript vulnerability discovered by Charlie Miller, Jake Honoroff, and Mark Daniel during CanSecWest's Pwn2Own contest. Read more on this and other security issues addressed here.

ATI Catalyst 8.4

ATI has released the new Catalyst 8.4 drivers, adding support for Stanford's Folding@Home GPU client for HD 2xxx and 3xxx videocard owners. The new driver package also resolves a variety of issues found under both Vista and XP, as well as Linux.



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Keith E. Whisman

What I meant was that Microsoft had marketed a $50 Windows ME disc way back around 2000 as a special Promotional upgrade. I didn't just get it recently. I got it many many moons ago. I still have the disk and information. It never gave me a bsod and it solved bsod's I was getting from win98. I kinda think of ME as a SP for 98.



Just please don't ask us how to rescue your data when it crashes. Windows ME was widely considered a FLOP for many good reasons! We will let YOU figure out for yourself why.



Or just use a telephone.


Keith E. Whisman

Is this really all there is for today? Usually MaxPC website has two news updates daily. That's what's made me into a fan for the past few months.


Eric Ligman not everyone is rich like you. Just be happy people PURCHASE your software. I'd say the only thing he can justifiably bitch and rant about would be everybody dissing on Windows Vista.

BYW. I got WinME for $50 dollars. It was a special deal that MS did. I got it at Fry's Electronics. I forgot what it was called but it was an upgrade.

MS should be doing everything they can to get everyone using Vista. Perhaps even coupons. Vista is a good OS. If people were offered Vista at a discount then they maybe more compelled to upgrade to it.

They should also make Ultimate more accessible. Ultimate should be cheaper. It would be cheaper for MS if they really lowered the prices on Vista.

The more people that have Vista the more the software companies will be willing to dedicate more resources to developing more stable drivers and games that take full advantage of everything Vista has to offer.

So Eric really is bitching about the wrong things.

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