Daily News Brief: Hospitals Vulnerable to Deadly Hacks



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extreme-pc.ca has some cases which have a support rack and adaptor for some of the heavier cards, in order to take most of the weight off of the mobo connection. It's located oposite the i/o portion of the card.



Sounds good, but if your mailing address is an APO address, no USB key for you, and I know this because my mailing address is currently an APO in Iraq. Still sounds like a sweet deal though.

Sincerely yours, from FOB Striker, Iraq,

SGT Samuel E. McClard II
Life's a journey, enjoy the ride!!



I hope they come out with a new max payne game as it is probably my favorite game and was the first game i played on a pc. Also there making a movie of it starring Mark Wahlberg Who happens to be one of my favorite acters. It should be a pretty cool movie Other than i doubt he will kill more than 800 people in two days in the movie.



Where's the dual core gpu/vpu that we have been hoping to see? Outsiders like us could only speculate that with dual core g/vpus it might cut down voltage been used, less weight, less space taken in case, and less heat been generated.

ty for IBM and mpc for the free usb key. ^^



I wonder if once the GeForce 9800GX2 hits store shelves (they'll collapse) we'll hear reports of the video card breaking PCI-E slots everywhere, or even large chunks of PCB when the card is SLI'd. Expansion slots can only take so much weight. Maybe nVidia would have been a bit smarter to go ATI/AMD's route and just put 2 GPUs on a single PCB. Saves space, weight and money! Oh, and it'll weigh a helluva lot less too!

Got my free USB key on it's way! w00+

-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Awsome a free USB key. Scary Medicle hacks.O_o

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