Daily News Brief: Hillary Clinton Opens Rebuttal Website

Daily News Brief: Hillary Clinton Opens Rebuttal Website

Clinton Counters on Web

It's that time again, when the next presidential election starts looming and the mud slinging starts, well, slinging. Stepping into the digital age, Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday introduced a web site whose sole purpose is responding to claims and reports making waves in the news. Dubbed The Fact Hub, you'll find everything from Obama rebuttals, to scandals involving snubbing a waitress her tip.

TiVo Offers Lifetime Subscription

One of the major advantages to building your own HTPC with DVR capabilities over TiVo is not having to pay a monthly subscription fee, but that's soon to change. Starting today, Series3 and HD owners can purchase a lifetime TiVo subscription for $399, which is just $100 more than their current 3- year prepay plan. But unlike recording live TV, there will be no rewinding this offer once it expries January 2, 2008.

NVidia Breaches $1 Billion Mark

For the first time in their history, nVidia broke the $1 billion revenue mark, reporting a record breaking $1.12 billion for the 2008 fiscal third quarter, which ended on October 28. NVidia credits the success to a 33 percent increase in desktop GPU products, and a whopping 120 percent increase in the mobile market. Like Intel, nVidia should also give a shout out to AMD, whose lack of competition at the high end sector undoubtedly played a part.

Wahlberg to Play Payne

'Marky' Mark Wahlberg and Max Payne fans get a double whammy of good news, as the former Calvin Klein model is in negotiations to play Max Payne in the upcoming movie adaptation. It's always hit or miss when popular video games hit the big screen, but here's hoping this one turns out better than Wahlberg's last movie, We Own the Night.

MySpace Hacks Rising

As MySpace's popularity continues to grow, so does the amount of hacked pages. Music artist Alicia Keys can claim to be the latest celebrity target, whose page was hacked with an image background link. Clicking the background installs a fake codec infecting the victim's computer. Because MySpace contains so many media based links, the Fake Codec hack has proven to be a tremendously popular exploit.

Ruiz vs AMD

No, not Hector Ruiz, the high level exec rumored to be leaving on Monday, but Maria Ruiz on behalf of her 16-year-old son Ryan. Maria's blaming AMD for Ryan's birth defects, which include a missing lower right arm and lifelong cognitive deficits. Maria's suit claims she was wrongfully exposed to hazardous chemicals such as ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate and 2- ethoxyethyl acetate during her time with AMD. Charges being brought against AMD include negligence, breach of warranty, fraud, and fraudulent concealment and misrepresentation.



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It is asked what this all means to us in the PC world. If you want more control from the federalist, then it a high possibility that they will limit what we do. It is bad enough that we login and they are looking over our shoulder, but what more will they do. Thinking that Washington can take care of us, rather than we take care of our selves, we give away our rights and liberties. Will you like another chip on your motherboard that will police you? You can't purchase music and share it without paying more, yet you have made the purchase. The more we are aware of what is going on, the more we are able to prevent more control. We all come here to see, to learn, and to make our PC's better. I just want it to continue, but I feel that we have to be involve with the whole picture.




Object oriented programming does not solve real world problems, it creates them.


PC count

You failed to realize some thing with Hilary care and the falseness of "Sicko". Socialization on the national scale only works for dictatorship and for a limited amount of time. Nazi Germany, socialist Italy, Communistic Russia, and even now China is realizing that socialism does not work. Capitalism has worked for over 200 years, while socialism was created in the 1900's and has yet to work. Unless you want a country controlled like North Korea, Vietnam, Valenzuela, and Cuba.

As for "Sicko" this is so one sided that it should make you laugh. It does not show that people in the communities outside of Havana that have no health care. It does not show the people in England that are refused health care because the health system decide it cost to much and they die. It does not show that people who come to the US from Canada for health care. In one instance a friend of the Clinton's that lived in Canada was sick and came to the US for better care than in Canada.

I am not saying that we should not do more, because we should but not with federal interventions. Since the war between the states, it is believed that federalist know more than that on the local level. In recent times they have charged on the backs of the workers the payment to welfare, pork projects, and now health care. The states and local need to do more and move Washington out. What is good for New York is not good for New Mexico and what the representative of Alaska knows is less of what is important to Mississippi. Police, fire, and other agencies you mention work because they are local, not federal. Federal can only mess things up.



What does any of this have to do with computers or technology?



Oh, I'm sorry I thought I was reading Maximum PC... I must have made a wrong turn somewhere. For those of you who wish to make political, social, economic, or any other rant that has little or nothing to do with personal computers, or technology, please do so somewhere else. You found your way to this web site, I'm sure that you can find your way to one of the many sites that are there just for this kind of posting. Which attracts the attention of all kinds of people that want to read those posts.
This is not that site. If you read the magazine, you know the content. Stick to computers. There are enough issues to argue about without dragging in social commentary.

And is a presidential candidate introducing a web site (or a second, or third) even newsworthy?




If she wins the election, we better make sure she comes to her senses again & proposes a national healthcare system like all the other industrialized first-world country has. except we'll avoid some of the imperfect parts from their own experiences. no system run by human beings is perfect, but if you really watched the movie "Sicko" you'd see that socialized healthcare is a much better & humane system than we have today..

although our wealthy health insurance providers (sole intent on making profits instead of helping people) will make it a bit difficult because they so don't want that to happen; they want to keep getting rich by denying healthcare or sticking you with the bill. don't you realize like our own socialized fire department, police, schools, library, is too central & paramount for everyone's benefit to be privatized, that's why it's socialized like it is.. people really need to get familiar with this /very/ very important issue. Watch Sicko

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