Daily News Brief: HD Downloads Challenge DVD Distribution

Daily News Brief: HD Downloads Challenge DVD Distribution

HD Downloads Challenge DVD Distribution

Users who purchased a $399 set-top box from Vudu can expect to download some high definition movies the same day they're released on DVD, starting with The Bourne Ultimatum. This marks a departure from the traditional distribution model, where studios typically release movies first to DVD, and then to streaming formats,such as XBox Live and On Demand. So far Vudu has reached agreements with Universal, Paramount Pictures, and Lionsgate.

AMD Responds to Power Consumption Complaints

DailyTech appeared to blow the whistle on inconsistencies in AMD whitepapers outlining TDP (Thermal Design Power) and ACP (Average CPU Power) ratings for K10 processors, which showed quad-core Opterons seeing a hike in the former without an increase in latter. AMD's Brent Kerby, who wrote the whitepapers, clarified the difference in ratings, which you can read all about here.

Microsoft Harpooning Pirates

Microsoft's handed out 52 lawsuits to alleged counterfeit software resellers, the locations of which include China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and more. Fifteen of the cases could be linked to a masive commercial counterfeit syndicate recently thought to have been broken up by the FBI and Chinese authorities. Illegal sales of all software is estimated to cost the industry $40 billion/year.

Ask.com to Purge Search Requests

Afraid Big Brother's keeping a tab of your online searches? Ask.com plans to unveil AskEraser, a new service that, when turned on, will purge a sufer's search requests from Ask.com's database within a few hours. By comparison, Google retains search data for 18 months, with Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL each holding onto data for 13 months. There's a caveat, however; since many of Google's text based ad links appear on Ask.com, some search requests can still end up on Google's servers regardless of whether AskEraser is turned on or off.

Weird Science Part 2

Sorry Kelly LeBrock fans (what happened?!?), there's no sequel in the works, and instead we're referring to a class offered at the University of Texas at Austin. Projects include a laser harp and a 50,000 volt water bridge, among other nifty creations. Get yourself QuickTime (or QuickTime Alternative) and check out a sampling of videos here.

Get Vista Ultimate For Free

Microsoft's extending their offer for free software until December 31, in which you can choose to receive Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate '07, Money Plus Premium, Encarta Premium, or Streets and Trips. In exchange for the free software, you have to agree to fill out occasional surveys and (here it comes) install Microsoft's automated feedback software for three months, which keeps a close monitor on all your activities. Not fazed? Then sign up here.

EEF Sees Potential in Metered Internet Service

With Comcast's BitTorrent throttling still fresh on every Netizen's mind, the EEF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) proposes we move to a metered internet service. They cite Australian's broadband market as a supporting example, which offers capped connections and $150/GB overage charges. Suddenly, throttling BitTorrent traffic with forged packets doesn't seem so bad...



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zine team279

I too just unsubscribed.
Mircosoft offers a feedback survey, and then takes it down, because too many people want their prize. The smart thing to do would to run it on a virtual machine and have them collect no data about you. :]

Nice to see that they'll still collect data on you for you. Should I come down so you can collect other personal data? Tape a webcam to my head so you can collect some data on the 'drivers'?



They wouldn't offer free software for long if at all.

I bet that the people who did sign-up for the free stuff won't even get it or will receive it 10 years after the next OS has come out.

Never trusted M$ and never will.

If you need help understanding why, buy a handful of their products and see how long you can go without have a problem. Then see how helpful their support is...



not offered for free anymore, signed up and took the survey and come to find out they arent offering anymore free stuff. I guess I will stick with xp.



Bummer! They had the offer running yesterday, but you're correct, it's not showing up anymore.

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