Daily News Brief: Hacking Firefox 3!


Daily News Brief: Hacking Firefox 3!

Out Fox Firefox 3!

Mozilla's Firefox 3 RC3 brings some neato features to the browsing table, but you may find that several of your favorite extensions have not yet been upgraded to work with the beta release. Extensions without official FF3 support are unavailable for download, but there's a simple trick to re-enable them. If you're adventurous enough, follow the step-by-step instructions found here, and post your experience(s) below.

Questions Surround Snow Leopard

Despite rumors floating around that the next version of OS X will exclude PowerPC-based Macs, that still remains to be seen. A screenshot from the developer preview does show an Intel processor as a system requirement, but final system requirements won't be known until closer to Snow Leopard's release, which incidentally is also unknown at this point. Also up in the air is whether or not Leopard's increased speed and optimizations will be enough to entice users into paying $129 for the OS.

Comcast Uploads on the Up and UP

Comcast Performance and Performance Plus customers can now enjoy increased upstream speeds at no additional cost. Comcast nearly tripled the upload speed of its Performance package from 384Kbps to 1Mbps, and almost doubled the Performance Plus upload speed from 768Kbps to 2Mbps. Comcast also increased the temporary download speeds associated with its PowerBoost technology, bumping Performance and Performance Plus customers up to 12Mbps and 16Mbps respectively.

Microsoft Ready to Move On (From Yahoo)

After once threatening Yahoo's board of directors with the prospect of a hostile takeover, Microsoft now seems completely content to part ways. "The conclusion of discussions follows numerous meetings and conversations with Microsoft regarding a number of transaction alternatives," Yahoo said in a statement. Yahoo's shares dropped more than 12 percent following the news.

MySpace Renovations

Social networking site MySpace plans to revamp its site to draw more members and help them better engage with one another. Search results will soon be separated into tabs, and searches on other users will include the ability to filter by location, gender, or age and invite them to be friends. Profile changes are coming too, all in an ongoing effort to appeal to a wider audience beyond teens and young adults. Read more here.

Game Sales Surging

According to new figures from the NPD Group, the video game market in May grew 37 percent to $1.12 billion over the same month last year, recording a staggering $6.6 billion in sales so far this year. That's enough to put game sales on pace to hit record revenues by year's end. But while video games are enjoying big numbers, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console sales remain stagnant. Nintendo, meanwhile, continues to see strong demand for both the Wii and DS.


Playing games isn't just fun, it could help overcome injuries thanks to Nintendo's Wii Fit add-on. Sue Stanley-Green, a professor of athletic training at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, believes the Wii Fit can help with core strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. Video games help address one of the most difficult aspects of rehabilitation by getting patients to perform tedious, repetitive tasks. Add to that the Wii's widespread appeal spanning everyone from toddlers to grandparents, and it's easy to see why health care professionals see "great potential" in the Wii Fit.



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(Yes it's a joke)

Make sure and spread the word lets get over 1,000,000 downloads today!


Talcum X

Regardless of your connection speed, you will only get your DLs as fast as the slowest part of the traffic from the originator to you. There is a lot of traffic out there all asking for a piece of the bandwidth pie.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



That really sucks for you guys. I currently live Japan and am stuck with only a fiber optic connection with 100Mbps speeds for $40 a month. Man I miss the States.



My modem runs on radio waves that connect to a cellphone tower 10km away. I can't get a hardline in because I live in the country, and to top it all off I only have a stable connection in the winter (leaves interfere with the signal in the summer). Thank god I live in Canada so I'm good for half the year.



Immediately after reading that, I called Comcast and learned that not only was my upload double as of now, they have an 8Mb down / 2Mb up plan for $3 more per month than the 6Mb down / 1Mb up, and the 16Mb down / 2Mb up plan is only $10 more!

In short, I finally love my internet connection.

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