Daily News Brief: Hackers Declare War on Pirates



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I bought 4 GB of RAM for $300 bucks this summer, and know I bought the exact 4GB for $75. WTF!



I agree with the above. They have the market dominance because they all but created the market.

AFA HD-DVD. The only reason Blu-ray is winning is because it's easier to say. Rolls off the tongue better, so people like it. No one otherwise cares in the slightest what does what. They just want it over.


There's no time like the future.



Why would people even bother suing apple. the sherman antitrust act was put in place to stop companies from buying out / pushing out the competition... in the more aggressive sense. The reason Apple has such high market shares is because they make the best product, and have the best (most usable) services out of the competition imo (please dont flame me.) they have such a commanding share of the mp3 player market because every other mp3 player sucks. I really doubt this lawsuit will go anywhere.



Theres no "Hackers" and theres no message that "Stealing is Bad" in a piracy sense.

One of the reasons behind the supertorrents hack, is because
They have access to the releases and utilizing them for profit.

This is simply members of the piracy scene attacking bitorrent sites, because the scene doesn't believe the releases should yield a profit. Anyone who has half a brain could figure the scene doesn't like p2p.

Please, read the messages involving the supertorrents attack, before you go around posting about it.



today i got 2x1gb of ddr2 ram 800 for 44.99. i think the prices drop because already there is demand for 1066 and 1333 will soon follow.

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