Daily News Brief: Guitar Hero III Fetches $9,100

Daily News Brief: Guitar Hero III Fetches $9,100

Guitar Hero III Fetches $9,000

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? 'Not in my house', proclaimed the father of a 15-year-old son. The father, a Canadian school teacher, bought his teenage son Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii, but promptly took away the gift when he caught his son smoking pot in the backyard with his friends. And the dad's reward for good parenting? The video game sold for $9,100.01 on eBay.

Alltel To Feature Voice Recognition

Can't stand the sound of your mother-in-law's voice? Alltel will soon have the answer as they get set to unveil Voice2TXT. The new service uses voice recognition to convert voicemail messages into text messages and will work on any Alltel phone capable of receiving texts. Voice2TXT will run $4.99/month for 20 voicemail conversions, or up to $19.99/month for 100 conversions.

PS3 Trips Over Rock Band Peripherals

XBox 360 owners who purchased Rock Band need only hook up a Guitar Hero II Gibson Xplorer or Guitar Hero III Gibson Les Paul controller to form a four-piece band, but would-be PS3 rockstars haven't been so lucky. The Gibson Les Paul suffers compatibility issues in Rock Band on the PS3, and Rock Band's own Fender Stratocaster guitars are not yet available for purchase. Adding insult to injury, developer Harmonix came up with a patch that would solve the issue, but Activision's blocking its release.

Finding Yourself

Whether out of vanity or to gauge one's own privacy risks, a new report by Pew Internet & American Life Project have found that 47% of internet users have searched online for information about themselves. That's more than double the amount from five years ago, which recorded just 22% of the population performing self searches. Brings a whole new meaning to the term finding yourself...

AMD's R700 Coming or Not?

According to XBitLabs, AMD made privy that they have no plans of releasing a new family of GPUs in 2008, and instead R700 parts won't ship until sometime in 2009. So why the delay? Switching web surfing gears, there will be no delay, according to Kyle Bennet over at [H]ardOCP. Instead, Kyle surmises AMD is "holding their cards a bit closer to the vest than is normally the case," and promises to paint his truck wheels pink and drive around wearing a tutu if no R700 ships in '08 (can't make this stuff up, folks).

Intel's X48 Coming or Not?

AMD isn't the only one with reported delays, with Intel's X48 chipset being pushed back 1-2 months. Initially planned for a January debut, DigiTimes claims a first-tier motherboard maker has requested that the launch be delayed to give them more time to clear out X38 inventory. Intel had no comment.



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hmm.. so he catches his kid smoking pot... and he re-acts by taking away his video game?
so getting rid of GH III is going to stop the kid smoking pot? lol



This reminds me of the guy who sold his ex-wife's $200 wedding dress on ebay for over $3000. He said that his wife used to play the cello anchor and that she was a real tramp and that he only wanted a beer for it. I actually tried selling a suit online once with an intriguing story in hopes of it selling high--but it didn't work very well.



The bid ended fake, as the seller felt like new registrants were just bidding on this item with no intention to pay, or at least stated in the description.

It's quite funny. Any teenage readers out there: Learn from this LOL



$9k... I wonder if I could sell mine for that much, haven't opened it yet.

@Above poster: Yea cause teens are the only ones who smoke pot, am I right?



Who in their right mind (even in Australia) would pay $9,101.01 for a video game...Are they really THAT hard to find!?



For that much money you could fly you and like 90 of your best mates to the leeds festival in the UK. That much money for guitar hero is just crazy.



Someone bid $5000, and then the next bid was for $9000. Who the hell would bid $4000 over the previous bid on a $90 product.

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