Daily News Brief: Firefox 3 Beta 3 Available

Daily News Brief: Firefox 3 Beta 3 Available

Firefox 3 Beta 3

Mozilla has made available Firefox 3 Beta 3 for public download. The new release sports several new improvements and features, including a tweaked URL bar and over 350 memory leak fixes. Users can now move tabs between windows, download add-ons directly through the add-ons manager, and along with other tweaks, have left Ars Technica "extremely impressed." One more Beta version is expected before final release candidates start to surface.

Microsoft's Takeover Bid: Part 2

Could you scoff at $44.6 billion? Yahoo's board of directors did, so Microsoft will take their proposal directly to the shareholders. Some would call that a hostile takeover, but Microsoft maintains that "moving forward promptly is in the best interest of all parties." Read more of Microsoft's comments here.

Comcast Goes on the Defensive

Responding to formal complaints presented to the FCC, Comcast claimed it was justifiable to hamper some file sharing traffic, and also defended the use of 'reset' packets, which are used to disrupt file sharing sessions. With Net Neutrality a hot topic, more than a few eyes are anxiously observing the FCC's reaction to customer complaints, and wondering how much leeway ISPs will ultimate have in managing subscriber traffic.

Gamers Getting into Guinness

We're not referring to the beer, but the book of world records. And not only are gamers getting attention, but for the first time ever, they're getting an entire version dedicated entirely to video games. Published this month, the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008 includes entries dating all the way back to the Atari, such as Scott Safran's high score of 41,336,440 points in Asteroids. Amazon.com's taking pre-orders for the paperback version here.

Writers Get Back to Work

Ending a 100-day walkout, the writers' strike came to an end today. Over 92 percent of the Writers Guild of America members voted to end the strike based on a new three year deal, part of which implements a residual formula based payment scale, including internet content. Read more here.

Valentine's Day Worm

Expecting a romantic e-card tomorrow from your Valentine? If not, be weary of clicking that link, and even if you are expecting an e- greeting, double-check the particulars lest you fall victim to a new worm. The Storm worm is making rounds through emails, and according to a security analyst at McAfee, the virus will try to lift personal information from your system. It's believed there are 10 million PC infected so far. But an even bigger threat is forgetting to get that special someone a Valentine's Day gift - time's almost up!

Microsoft Quiz

Are you a licensed Microsoft partner? If so, you can take a ten question quiz for a chance to win one of several prizes. Take the quiz here, and if you're not a partner but think you qualify, you can enroll here.



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I don't know why they're called Writers Guild of America... a better name would be Recycler's Guild of America. If a new idea ever manages to survive in Hollywood, I might start watching TV and movies again.




The link for the Comcast bit is wrong. It links to the article about a potential Microsoft takeover of Yahoo.


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