Daily News Brief: EVGA Responds to Gripes Over 680i's Broke Penryn Support



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No one is going to buy them! (or at least they will sell _a lot_ less cd's)
Something tells me the R**A is not the brightest... no matter how much technology and money they spend on DRM, determined ppl will find ways around it, while all the honest consumers are left with... wat nice shiny drink coasters?? (i dont even have a standalone cd player anymore!) thanks for that R**A!

day to day p2p is looking better, the risk is going to be meaningless compared to the simplicity of actually being able to listen to the music and not just looking at a shiny near un-usable cd!

..just the rantings of an honest consumer who apparently just "doesnt get it" when it comes to the R**A's thinking.



I have a funny feeling EVGA didn't put much effort into 680i Penryn support. I'm glad I went with two P35 boards:)
The crazy part is people are surprised. Like its the first time it happened!



I just went to the EVGA website to look at this offer. It requires you to first ship you EVGA MB and wait for the new 780i. I will not even go 24 hours without my main computer! I do not plan on upgrading to the Penryn any time soon and when I do there probably will be a more mature MB / Chipset available.



Well, I also bought my EVGA 680i motherboard because it was supposed to work with the 45nm processors. It looks to me like this upgrade promotion is just a PR stunt because they won't do cross shipping. Since I make my living with my computer, I really can't afford the down time of several days. Why the heck can't EVGA charge my credit card for the full retail on the 780i board and then refund the difference to me when they get my 680i before a deadline? Simple enough. I did that with ATI twice in the past with bad video cards.



the 680i chipset is supposed to work with dual core penryn processors, but not quad core. just FYI.


Talcum X

Yes, you know what it is, so do the guys commenting on the article linked, FIREFOX!
My wife uses IE (for whatever reason) and is plagued with these issues. I almost have her converted. Maybe this will be the straw...

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



Ok, now if I buy a CD and rip it to an MP3 format, then put it on my MP3 player where I listen to all my music. I am breaking the law.
The only way to stop this is if we the consumers take a stand by not buying any music in any format, maybe starting in January or February for 30 days. If the Music Industry makes little or no money for a month then they will start to be more reasonable.



How long before playing music from legally purchased cds, loud enough for someone else to hear, who is using their ears to pirate the music, is enough for the RIAA to file a lawsuit?
The RIAA should go down as the worst public relations disaster in history... well if the general public ever noticed that their fair use rights were being chipped away, one lawsuit at a time

What's worse than sheep? Sheep that vote.



So since I bought my EVGA mobo about 3 months ago I am screwed unless I want to pay almost $300 for another one that is supposed to do what the one I bought 3 mo ago is supposed to do. When I bought my EVGA mobo it was because they advertised 45nm upgradeable. I doubt I will ever buy from EVGA again. They should be more reasonable I would upgrade if it was only goning to be a little more than what I paid but almost $100! I dont think so. Besides I am having trouble with the one I have now.



It's not just EVGA's 680i boards that don't support quad-core Penryns, it's ALL 680i boards. EVGA is the only one (I'm aware of) that's offering a low cost upgrade (compared to paying retail) to the 780i.



Wow this is getting ridiculous, does the consumer have any rights anymore over the media they legally bought? Windows Genuine Advantage, online activations, encrypted movies that causes problems in itself, I'm beginning to miss the day of analog audio tapes and vhs movies... We need a GOOD court case to stand up for our rights!

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