Daily News Brief: Creative Publicly Denounces Modder & Sparks Internet Backlash



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Just want to add my voice.

Thank Daniel_K.

 From this moment on, I will no longer purchase Creative Labs products. I have been a loyal customer for decades. However, the latest challenges with X-FI and now reading this! I heard about Daniel_K and his work on creative labs drivers but for some reason I did not pay attention. Just got the time and opportunity today. What a revelation. The corporate vision of Creative is very simple: "screw the customer". Well, it is our chance to say screw the corporation. The only difference is that we will give our $$ to somebody else.

This to me is equal to whittle blowing!! send some donation to Daniel_K. In this one, I think that he protected the customers better than anybody else

So long Creative!!

Thank you Daniel_K.  Let me know where a can send a donation.




So, Creative chose not to update drivers for older equipment to work with a newer OS? Certainly their choice. An admittedly boneheaded decision, but how is this different from when XP first came out and we needed to buy new printers or new versions of software to maintain functionality?

Here's what I don't understand, if Creative has chosen NOT to update drivers of old equipment, haven't they basically abandoned that equipment? And if it's abandoned, why do they care what someone else does with it, aside from the burden of competing against themselves? Surely Creative has the programmer expertise, knowledge, and resources to write their own drivers, they simply have chosen not to do so. (Idiots.)

Meanwhile, here's my suggestion for Creative: offer a newer card with better features and better drivers at a better price. Us Techheads always want "better/faster," not "newer/shiney-er."

If Creative truly wants to make those older cards obsolete, then give us something so much better we'd all feel stupid keeping the old card.

Look! A distraction!



See what happens when one company corners the market?

I agree, the best path should have been for them to take his work and incorporate it into their own having him stopped in the process saying "we want to maintain one single distribution point for our customers".

IMO most companies (granted more the video card industry than sound) could care less about drivers. If the card has already sold there's no need to make it work fully. I've had a GFX card since Nov. (it was released last Sept), and no one can get the card to function properly unless they use 3rd party drivers. Even now Sapphire's drivers still don't work properly (AGP 2600XT). It's a shame. A total shame.

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

I'm not a programmer but I've had driver creation explained to me by friends that are programmers and it seems that it isn't that impossible for the community out there to build drivers that would add functionality to hardware that creative refuses to support. Now Creative cannot tell me that I cannot write a driver from the ground up for a piece of hardware that I bought. If I want to run an Audigy in Vista with my own drivers then Creative has no legal leg to stand on. And if Creative makes a program that disables the plug and play functionality of "MY" sound card that I bought and paid for, that makes my sound card invisible to Windows then Creative has a law suit. I recently upgraded to an Xfi from my Audigy 2 after I installed Vista SP1 because I thought I broke it somehow because I installed a second video card at the same time. If it wasn't me but Creative that broke the functionality of my sound card that was working just fine.. I'm going to be really mad and I will be the first to start a class action law suit. Basically that is what a virus does it disables capabilities of your pc. Creative a virus writing company?



If you actually read more on Cuban's rant, his criticism of the Internet is based entirely on the assertion that it's not the ideal platform for media distribution...

"In effect, Cuban said, cable networks are “intranets,” which, by their nature, operate more efficiently than the Internet. Cable-system operators can control the quality of service they supply and the amount of bandwidth that developers can use. Plus, there is no friction in transporting services and data within their networks."

Or, in other words, "I want a distribution network that can be controlled by content providers in order to streamline the production and distribution of DRM-ed media so that assholes like me can make buckets and buckets of money."



The Mavericks are soon to be sitting at home this playoff season. I think that reality is driving the poor old man, Mark Cuban, insane and senile...



Did Mark Cuban just call me old?


Keith E. Whisman

I don't see what the big problem is. The Xfi drivers are licensed and closed source. By reverse engineering or modifying Creatives licensed closed source driver software you are violating copy right law. I think Creative should have contacted him to apply his modifications to the drivers but thats me. Linux has software that allows you to build your own drivers and if he had just built his own drivers from the ground up I don't think Creative would have a leg to stand on.
I just bought an Xfi Extreme gamer and I really like it. If there is something out there that will make my purchase even better I want it. Creative should figure that out. It's not like Creative has alot of competition. Why would'nt Creative want it's customers to be happier with thier products. These are questions that should be asked of Creative but picking on them for protecting their licensed products is'nt write.

And the pinko wrapping for Vista should sell great in SanFrancisco.



What set Creative off isn't so much that he modified their drivers, it's that he modified their drivers for cards that they said wouldn't work on Vista. As it came out, they won't work because of a business decision to force upgrades on users.

Phil O'Shaughnessy, VP Corporate Communications said on their website: "If we choose to develop and provide host-based processing features with certain sound cards and not others, that is a business decision that only we have the right to make."

Basically they are forcing users to buy new cards. Their old cards (Audigy) are perfectly capable of working with Vista, Creative chooses not to let them work. This comes out on top of a long history of troubled driver releases, luke warm support, and customer gripes. The IP threat is just a way to put an end to it.

Creative is perfectly within it's rights to make such a business decision on what hardware to support, and when to enforce it's IP rights. There is a certain ethical question in there about Creative's responsibilities to their customers. Users have picked up on that and the backlash is the result. Creative is exercising their rights, and customers are exercising theirs; to choose other products.

As to whether it will have any real effect remains to be seen.


Talcum X

You should have hired him, not fired at him.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



Creative's drivers have been crapware for a while now--even in 32-bit Windows XP Pro. I have had one of their X-FI Fatality sound cards since they were first released. The drivers for that card have been a source of BSODs since day one.

Three weeks ago, I switched to an HT Claro Omega Plus sound card and all my sound driver BSOD crashes have gone away with them. Oh yeah, and the sound quality is better to boot. The Claro dosent have all the whiz bang EAX 5.0 effects, but I haven't missed them in my gaming.

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