Daily News Brief: Convert Your HD-DVDs



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How exactly is that going to happen? There are still plenty of computers out there that don't have the power to decompress high definition streams. And if they leave it in an uncompressed format won't that be about 30gigs downstream? That's my whole monthly cap!



spelling mistake in sharing is caring on the last line microsoft isnt spelt microsfot



Piracy: The RIAA must really be getting desperate to make such claims.

Blue-Ray: Personally, I didn't care who won out, just as long as SOMEONE did. As for DLing flicks being the next big thing, I doubt it, not for some years anyway. Right now, consumers just don't have the bandwidth to make it worthwhile.

MS Sharing: Like someone else said, "yeah, right". MS doesn't do anything without some kind of agenda. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some hidden goodies in the tools they're "giving" to developers.

AMD: At least some good news. I hope Intel follows suit, especially since I have one of their quad core chips.

SP1: Wow, there's a big surprise. Watch for patch-a-mania afterwards.



After watching that video I am even more convinced that the RIAA is smoking something.



The RIAA should burn to the ground. There is a typo. first word of the first paragraph, should be "Ever".

A nicer Microsoft? Yea, when pigs fly!

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