Daily News Brief: CompUSA to Close Down



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I plan to trademark "lolcat," so don't none of ya'all think you're going to be able to make those without my permission anymore. :D



Give them time; I've found that MaxPC's bloggers are usually a day or two behind (but they make up for that by being insightful).

And wow, that's a spectacularly bad plan. I'm a Net Neutrality supporter, and I normally support the EFF, but the last thing I'd want to deal with is metered Internet accounts. I had enough of that back in the AOL days, and then again with HughesNet's "Fair Access Policy", thank you very much.



Originally a great concept, However they are no doubt closing their doors because they are overpriced (even among other retailers), rude, wasteful and generally suck.

I could rant on, but what's the point? They're leaving. Hope this means we'll see more MicroCenters around. They're not perfect either but at least there will still be a big chain store for when I can't wait for an online order.

Or perhaps Radio shack will step up and become a useful store again, selling the need-it-now PC parts that we needed CUSA for. (remember when RS was a "cool stuff" store, instead of a "cheap gadgets" store?)

There's no time like the future.



How come you guys haven't mentioned anything about the EFF's metered internet plan? I need somebody to examine the details and tell me what I should think of it. Offhand I'm against it and I think more people should be aware of this plan so that we can tell the EFF where they can stick it. What does Erin have to say about this travesty?




Just for you Oedipus_Rex: Daily News Brief (scroll down)



Thanks. You are my hero!

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