Daily News Brief: Comcast Pulls 180!

Daily News Brief: Comcast Pulls 180!

Comcast Pulls 180

Comcast went under fire (some of it spoofed) after it was discovered they were filtering BitTorrent traffic, and continued to defend the decision despite widespread scrutiny and an FCC investigation. Now the ISP has pulled a complete 180 and promises to treat all types of internet traffic equally by year's end. The ISP also said they will collaborate with BitTorrent Inc. to improve the way large files get transported. Much more here.

Jury Resurrects Rambus

In the legal battle that refuses to die, Rambus claimed victory in the latest round against memory makers. Rambus has long claimed that it holds patents for technology used in the SDRAM standard, but accusations of fraud and anti-competitive measures have proved a stumbling block for cashing in on those patents, which some estimates put at $11.7 billion for the period 2000 to 2021.. That may soon change. A jury yesterday cleared Rambus of any wrong doing, effectively dealing a blow to memory makers Hynix, Nanya, and Micron. The latter said it would appeal the decision, but that didn't stop Rambus' stock from surging 39 percent on news of the ruling. Read more here.

Photoshop Express Opens Online

Adobe today launched a free version of Photoshop online, and unlike the offline version, you don't have to pay a cent to use it. Currently in beta form, Photoshop Express is completely web-based and compatible with any OS and browser. It's also light-weight on editing options, giving users a basic array of enhancement and alteration tools, along with 2GB of storage. Not sure about registering? Take a no-hassle test drive.

JetWay Skyrockets to 2GB

Hot on the heels of EVGA's 1GB 8800GT, JetWay ups the ante with a 2GB version, raising the question how far will they go? JetWay also plans to outfit the 9600GT with 2GB RAM, and both cards will feature a dual-slot cooler to accommodate the additional memory. No info on price or availability yet, but it's a safe guess you'd probably do better to invest in a faster card then overspend on more GDDR3.

Motorola Develops Split Personality

After early success with their Razr mobile phone line, Motorola has watched its handset market share drop to only 23 percent. But rather than abandon the mobile phone market, Motorola announced plans to split into two independent, publicly-traded companies. Motorola says that "creating two industry-leading companies will provide improved flexibility, more tailored capital structures, and increased management focus." If approved, the split is expected to take place in 2009.

Free Support for Vista SP1

Having trouble successfully installing SP1 on your Vista rig? If so, be sure to check out Mark Soper's many informative Windows blogs right here on Maximum PC. On the off-chance you're still having trouble afterwards, don't despair - Microsoft is offering free service pack support until March 18, 2009 for both retail and OEM copies of Vista.



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Wouldn't that much RAM on a video card would devour the system ram leaving too little to play most games? Assuming a 32 bit OS.

Seems self defeating in the market at this time.


Keith E. Whisman

Video cards use video memory as a frame buffer. What I mean is that the CPU sends the video data to the video card and the bios on the video card assigns this data to video memory as the video graphics processor works on the data that needs to be sent to the display. Now DX10 video cards have unified shaders or alot of individual stream processors that work on data send it to memory to work on something else and then retrieve to do more processing on it before the data gets sent to the display. DX10 hardware is way cool. But I'm like you though there really is no way to utilize 2gigs of video ram. The 1gig cards don't outperform thier 512mb brothers at all. It would'nt have an affect on system ram. Except for system memory that is dedicated to your PCIX slot which doubles if your running 2card SLI or more.
If I'm wrong anywhere here someone correct me. This is all an educated guess.



I have a feeling that Time Warner is doing something to slow down my torrent connection.

It connects, the speed ramps up, then down, then stops. Then starts all over again. Is that normal??? Could it just be a slow machine on the other end?

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

Sorry about that.. I have that as my signature for the forums but it does'nt show up in my forum posts.. Doh. But unless I erase it, it will show up here.
Some webmaster somewhere should fix that flaw.


Darth Ninja

Yay the dark days to torrent oppression are at an end! but in all seriousness, by "The end of the year" do they mean end of 2008? didnt it take them a whole 2 months to start up there china-esk filtering? is this some fake clam that there going to stop forging packets? I hope it's for real and we can all go back to loading up on stuff from thepiratebay.com ISOs.

Rambus: you missed your pink slip, now go and GET BACK IN YOUR DAMN GRAVE!
I too wish that company would go down for the 3rd time.

and RE: NoBS Podcast

The podcast comes out every Friday. your post was 90% spam anyway - nobody gives a shyte about your rig so quit spamming.

Yay for the FCC!
Boo for Comcast!
Boo for Sandvine!



Keith E. Whisman

Come on it's Thursday where oh where is that all important NoBS podcast? Also I just payed for another two year subscription to MaximumPC with the CD.


Keith E. Whisman

Why wont Rambus just die. Come on die already. Simms were still in style when Rambus was making memory. Why does'nt Rambus either bring a compelling new memory standard to the table. A standard that we just can't live without. If they can't do it then they should just die. And look who's talking when it comes to competition. Rambus kept a stiff reign on it's memory. When memory prices were dropping to new lows on a daily basis Rambus kept it's smallest modules at a premium. And they tied it to the Pentium processors back then so you could'nt run an Intel Platform without the Very expensive ram. DDR was just as fast and in some cases faster. But Rambus refused to compete with DDR and held to it's exclusive relationship with Intel. I'm still sore at them.
RAMBUS just die already and shut your anticompetitive mouth.

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