Daily News Brief: ClubIT Rises from Dead

Daily News Brief: ClubIT Rises from Dead

ClubIT, PC Club Resurrected

When CompUSA returned from the dead, who knew they'd be setting a trend? Apparently it's catching on. Joining a growing list of undead computer stories, PC Club and ClubIT are back in business under new ownership. NAOC Holdings, a venture capital firm, acquired PC Club and all of its 37 locations nationwide last week, as well as the chain's two retail websites, PCClub.com and ClubIT.com.

Details Emerge on Nvidia's Summer GPU Lineup

According to DailyTech, Nvidia's upcoming next-generation graphics core, code named D10U, will make its debut as two separate graphics cards, GeForce GTX 280 (D10U-30) and GeForce GTX 260 (D10U-20). The GTX 260 will essentially be a gimped GTX 280, though both will share many of the same features as the currently shipping GeForce 9800GTX. The new GPUs will not support DirectX 10.1, and first run batches are expected to use GDDR3, two areas AMD/ATI hold an advantage with its upcoming Radeon 4000 series. More technical specs here.

Canadian Tech News

We may take verbal jabs on occasion at our neighbors to the north, and we're still holding a grudge over Celine Dion, but sending our draconian DMCA laws across the border would be taking things too far. But according to BoingBoint.net, Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice appears determined to implement a Canadian version of the US's Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will seek to push it through Parliament. If you live in Canada, time is running out to voice your opposition. See here for more info.

Napsters Returns to Roots

Well, sort of. Napster helped pioneer peer-to-peer sharing and the swapping of MP3s, but was summarily crushed by the RIAA over copyright infringement. Seven years later and Napster is back to serving up DRM-free MP3 files, only this time they're charging 99 cents per download. Napster, which boasts a catalog of more than 6 million tracks, hopes the switch to the unrestricted file format will lure iPod users.

Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Console

No matter how tasty your gaming console may appear, don't put it in your mouth. If you do, you might end up digesting high levels of toxic chemicals. A Greenpeace report accuses Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PS3, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 of using varying degrees of bromine, PVCs, and other potentially harmful chemicals, including phthalates. Greenpeace acknowledged the level of toxic material did not violate EU regulations. Read more here.

Show Me the Money!

Actor Michael Hollick told the New York Times he was paid a little more than $100,000 for his role as Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. Not a bad paycheck for what amounted to roughly 15 minutes of work, but Hollick feels he deserves more. GTA IV pulled in $500 million during its first week of sales, none of which Hollick sees in royalties or residuals. "I don't blame Rockstar. I blame our union for not having the agreements in place to protect the creative people who drive the sales of these games, Hollick said.



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The article you link to says he got $100K over 15 months not 15 minutes. The NY Times quotes him as saying he got $1050/day. Still not a bad payday.

I'm guessing that the programmers and graphic artists weren't making $1K a day, Mr. Hollick.



Nobody up here gives a crap about Americans' opinions anyhow.



Yes, because everybody bought GTA4 for Michael Hollick. Right.



Somebody is spoiled...
I can't believe nVidia will not introduce dx10.1 in this new lineup...

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