Daily News Brief: Can You Trust Local PC Repair Shops?



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These AVG comments are funny (or maybe it's Grisoft). Considering the AVG ad on page 13 of the June 2008 issue of MPC states "70 million people switched to AVG 8.0 because it protects from online threats *without* slowing PC's or networks to a crawl." (emphasis added)

Sounds like it's time for MPC (the Dog maybe?) to investigate.



I have squeezed 2.0 mono sound out of my 5.1 surround sound system by installing OSS drivers after uninstalling ALSA on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Supposedly, the Creative's beta drivers work on Gutsy as well, but it is totally irrelevant, since most people have upgraded to Hardy Heron, and can't get either OSS or the beta drivers to work. It is very frustrating.

Since Maximum PC is encouraging its readers to try out Linux, it would behoove the magazine to indicate whether a product works under linux in its hardware reviews. A simple penguin icon could signify linux compatibility. A product shouldn't receive a "kick-ass" rating if it doesn't work under Linux. I'm happy that the magazine has recognized the lack of drivers as a problem though, but annoyed that the problem wasn't really discussed until the middle of '07.


Keith E. Whisman

I said AVG 8. If you would read my full statement you would see I mentioned AVG 8 Free. I also mentioned that 7 is easy but you do have to right click then click on something then in the Window that opens up you have to disable AVG Virus Scan from there.
Avira Antivira is easy because all you have to do is right click the Avira task bar icon and click on Antivir Guard to disable it. Simple. Why would I want on access scanning and popups when I'm trying to play Crysis. Really bugged the crap out of me.



Hmmm that's odd. I have AVG 7 and have absolutely no trouble right clicking on the icon in the taskbar and shutting it down for gaming.



Honesty in allot of these Mom and Pop shops is out the window, including Circuit City and Best Buy. I have seen everything from outrageous labor costs ($100 an Hour) to 100% markups on parts. Not all shops are bad but if you every need a part from them in a pinch they will not cut you a break on the cost. I can see a 10% to 20% markup on shop parts, but Best Buy or Circuit City being 100% over the cost of what Neweggs prices are. Give me a break. What really gets my goat is most of these places treat you like your an idiot when you go in to get something. Thank God I have wised up and try to keep at least 1 new hard drive, memory, DVD drive, and a graphics card around for friends and family until a replacement can get here from Newegg.



I don't think this is a fair evaluation of local computer repair shops. The main shops evaluated were chain stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. Smaller locally owned stores may have faired better (at least I would like to think that I would have caught the problem). Furthermore, it's not easy to run a local computer repair business and if a tech can't answer the question quickly or thinks it will take more time than the computer is worth, he/she makes a judgment call. The problem isn't as simple as "the tech didn't solve a simple problem."

Michael in Dallas



If the local repair shops are telling people the problem is with their "power drive", somebody is *definitely* getting ripped off. Next it'll be, "Uh, yeah, your flux capacitor is hung up on your xiphoid process, so I'm going to have to scan your computer for medichlorians. That'll be $450."


Keith E. Whisman

Any nerd no matter how new will know what mediclorians are. Perhaps their Hyperdrive Motivator has been damaged and it's impossible to make the jump to hyperspace.


Keith E. Whisman

AVG 8 free really sucks and I'll tell you why. It's very difficult to disable for game play. I want to just right click the icon in my tool bar and left click on disable AV or something like that. I'm using Avira Antivira because it's simple to shut off so I can play games. Really aggravates me when I have to spend alot of time to just shut something off.
I'm talking from experience. You had to do a few things to shut down AVG 7 but at least it was easy. This is convoluted.

If you need your pc worked on then just ask a friend. Everyone knows someone that knows how to fix things. It's not that difficult. I always try to train my friends and family. Companies are in the business to make money. Of course they are going to lie and cheat.

I just discovered that I can uninstall Ubunto Linux in Vista Programs and Features. Vista's version of Add/Remove Programs. Pretty awsome. Now if only Mac would produce an OS this friendly.

Duke Nukem Forever. Can't Wait.
I remember the naked ladies in DN3D and can't wait to see more of the same.
Anybody know if DNForever is going to be a remake of DN3D or a prequel or a sequel to DN3D?



I have had to "fix" a hand ful of my friends computers after they took them to a local coputer shop for service.  In the worst case a shop told a buddy that they could not fix his computer and he needed to buy a whole new computer.  I took a look and all I did was clean the quarter inch of dust out of it and it worked fine.  I literally did not have to do anything else.

 If you read this mag you should know what to ask of a repair shop to determine if they know their @$$ from a hole in the ground.

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