Daily News Brief: Blu-ray Picking Up Steam?


Blu-ray Picking Up Steam?

After Blu-ray emerged victorious in the high-definition format war, HD-DVD faded from existence. Since then, there has been chatter that consumers may not be ready to abandon standard DVDs, but according to German optical disc equipment maker Singulus, orders for Blu-ray players are coming in faster than they did for regular DVD hardware 11 years ago. Singulus also noted that, among the orders received, a key U.S. customer had accepted one of the machines for the first time.

Dressed in Black

Western Digital today launched its new high performance WD Caviar Black series hard drives. Available in 750GB and 1TB trim, the new drives come equipped with dual processors, 32MB cache, 333GB platters, and several mechanical enhancements designed to minimize wear and tear. MSRP is set at $199 and $249 for the 750GB and 1TB models, respectively. Keep your eyes peeled for a review right here at Maximum PC!

AT&T Mulls Usage Based Billing

Both Time Warner and Comcast have begun testing the waters with metering internet usage, and it appears AT&T might be next. AT&T's new CTO, John Donovan, told Wired that usage-based pricing wouldn't be an attempt to make more money, but said "It's almost a taxation issue. Traffic on our backbone is growing 60 percent per year, but our revenue is not." Get the full scoop here.

Do Girl Gamers Exist?

Of course they do, but THQ Wireless marketing director James Scalpello isn't "convinced by the whole 'games for girls' idea," he told CasualGaming.biz. He also believes that mobile games for girls are "a lost cause," noting that females believe they have better things to do, and so gaming isn't as high a priority for them as it is for boys. Bah - we say show us a girl who isn't impressed by our terrific TF2 skills, and we'll show you a girl we have no interest in dating.

Amazon Outage: Take Two

After suffering an unexplained two hour outage late Friday night, Amazon.com again went offline Monday, and appeared to affect its U.K. site the second time around. Amazon has acknowledged the issue, but if they know what's causing the costly hiccups, they don't seem intent on sharing that info with the media or its customers.

Buyer Beware

Find a deal on software too good to be true? It probably is, and Microsoft is doing its part to crack down on counterfeit resellers. The software giant from Redmond today announced the filing of 21 lawsuits in federal court spanning 14 states against resellers allegedly engaging in the sale of pirated software, including some repeat offenders. If you think you may have already been duped, you can verify whether or or not you're running genuine software by calling (800) RU-LEGIT (785-3448), or heading over to http://www.microsoft.com/genuine.



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Blu-Ray is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I'm going to stick to DVDs until they come out with a technology that provides more than a slight definition increase. It's an investment that costs thousands of dollars with hardly any increase in consumer utility.




Does The Sims 2 count? LOL -- but really --- we DO have other things to do, like work and fix dinner and feed the kids and and carpool the soccer team and be den mother and pay the bills and clean house and still manage to be the same size 2 that we were when our husbands met us 10 yrs ago.

I also play Half Life :)


Keith E. Whisman

Queenof1 do you have a single sister? I'm taking my girl back to the store I got her from and I want a gal like you. Wow. Girls have called me a pig for just expecting half of what you said. I deserve a gal that'll do all that. Awsome.



You know, metering sounds bad at first, but as it was mentioned on the podcast you'd have to do some hardcore internet usage to break the limit and go over in a month's time. I think this may be what America needs to speed up the Internet in America by slowing down the increase in bandwidth use, allowing companies to expand their capabilities, make broadband cheaper, and update our speeds. With all that in consideration, I feel it is justified.



First of all, The ISP make a tons of money and they can do better without metering the customer.
All companies seek to find ways to earn more money, that's what companies is all about "Business" What they should do is to raise the Bandwidth for less money.



Right now it would be very difficult to break bandwidth limits, but my concern (and I'm speaking for myself only) is what this means going forward. Streaming services are gaining ground (Netflix just released a $100 set-top box), and it's not a matter of if, but when high definition content follows suit. Can we count on companies like Comcast to raise the bandwidth limit as the market dictates? The way it's going, it looks like we'll find out...



On a bsic 1.5Mbps T1 line, you can easily break a 200 GB limit. wITH A 6Mbps DSL line, you can destroy that 200GB limit. Its a bad idea, and there is no reason why they should meter you. It is not like it cost them much if not any money at all once you have the connection.


Pentium 0

A Megabit is not the same as a Megabyte so breaking the limit is not that easy.



Interesting... thanks for that link. It was eye-opening for one, and also I had no idea that google allowed you to multiply Mbps by days. Thanks.

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