Daily News Brief: Black Friday Deals!

Daily News Brief: Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday Deals

Planning on braving the mad rush of rabid shoppers this Black Friday? Be careful out there, and get a leg up on the deals. You can view the latest deals over at bfads.net and BlackFriday.info. Know of a killer deal too good to pass up? If so, post it in the comments section below!

Meta-Analysis Finds Violent Video Games A-OK

Gamers have been hearing for years that violent games translate to real-life aggressive behavior by those who play them, and citing such studies can be a quick vote-getter among politicians. But as is the age old question, do violent video games lead to violent behavior? Dr. Christopher Ferguson says 'no' based on his meta-analysis research, which he believes avoids many of the pitfalls associated with common studies on the topic.

Macrovison Buys BD+

Macrovision's getting into the Blu-ray copy protection fray with their recent purchase of technology assets from Cryptography Research, Inc. The acquisition includes $45 million in cash plus warrants exercisable for Macrovision stock. In return Macrovision will own certain patents and technologies, including BD+, which deliberately corrupts video if it detects something is awry, such as a modified Blu-ray player.

AT&T Announces Napster Phone

This Friday, AT&T will release a new phone built by Samsung, which will be the first ever to feature support for Napster Mobile. The service allows customers to search through Napster's database of songs, preview samples, and download songs (for a fee) "in less than a minute." AT&T's also the exclusive carrier for iPhone owners in the U.S.

Hitachi Shows Off Clumsy Robot

At least, that's what the reporters remember most from the demonstration. Hitachi's 31.5" tall 29 pound robot rides along on two wheels, can get on its knees to cruise on four wheels, and can raise its foot an inch to hurdle over obstacles. But when the wireless signal became jammed, the robot ran into a desk and almost toppled over before a demonstrator reached out and caught the robot. No word yet on when it will be available for commercial use, or what it will cost.

Judge Declares Work-time Emails Public, Not Private

After suspecting his wife of an affair, Stephen Malmer made an open-records request for Kentucky's Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to release his wife's emails, and Franklin County Circuit Judge Phillip J. Shepherd agreed. The Cabinet had refused to do so prior to the order stating privacy concerns, but because the emails were written by public workers while on the job, Shepherd considers them "a matter of legitimate inquiry for the public."

German Court Squashes iPhone Contract Restrictions

If you buy an iPhone in the U.S., you're tied to AT&T (unless you unlock it), but the same restrictions aren't applying overseas. A French law disallowed Apple from tethering customers into long-term contracts with Orange, the sole iPhone carrier in France, and now Germany's following suit. A German court ruled that T-Mobile must offer the iPhone to everyone, even if they don't opt for the 24-month contract that T-Mobile's currently requiring. Naturally, T-Mobile plans to appeal the ruling.



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Agreed. I think it will soon change too



I think it will end up being open to all carriers. Just a matter of time.


Black Falcon

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$79.99 at Circuit city


Brett Schealler

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Unless t-mobile or orange is physically building thier own branded phone themselves no 3rd party phone should be tethered to any one cell phone provider in a free market it fosters competition and is good for everyone except people trying to secure a monopoly on a product. Guns, and butter, homies no gov't including the USA should allow anything else to happen. Apple should be legaly castrated in courts here for locking the iphone to AT&T

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