Daily News Brief: BioShock Coming to Big Screen

Daily News Brief: BioShock Coming to Big Screen

BioShock to Hit Big Screen

According to Take-Two Interactive, Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski will port the popular videogame BioShock into a theatrical release. Universal Pictures will make the film, and John Logan, an avid video gamer and the screenwriter behind Gladiator and Sweeney Todd, is a top candidate to write the script. Take-Two did not disclose financial terms of the deal or any other details.

Smile! You're on 'My Mac' Camera!

A pair of unsuspecting notebook thieves were caught red handed thanks to a built-in webcam. The owner of the stolen Mac laptop remotely logged onto the computer and fired up the webcam, allowing her to take snapshots of the alleged crooks. White Plains police investigators used the photos to identify the two men and make an arrest, recovering $5,000 worth or stolen electronics in the process. Geeks 1, criminals 0.

NVIDA CEO Dispells VIA Buyout Rumor

"They don't need our money. I don't need theirs," NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said, referring to VIA. The comments put to rest any rumors that NVIDIA might be interested in acquiring VIA, which began circulating the web back in March and heated up when NVIDIA said it was teaming up with VIA to build a low-cost PC platform to compete with Intel. "Our shtick is that we just focus on one thing. We said we're a visual computing technology company and we're completely focused on this, Huang clarified.

Don't Mess with Texas

More than just an interstate slogan, Texas officials appear ready to take on Amazon.com over a sales tax dispute. A 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling lets states collect sales taxes from out-of-state retailers that have a "physical presence" in their state, and because Seattle-based Amazon runs a distribution center in Irving, Texas may claim the online giant owes millions in sales taxes. Read more here.

Circuit to Blockbuster: 'Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No'

Amid weak sales and increasingly impatient shareholders, electronics chain Circuit City retained Goldman Sachs on Friday to help negotiate a deal and seek a suitor. Blockbuster appears to be the most likely candidate, with billionaire financier and Blockbuster board member Carl Icahn having agreed to finance a Circuit City acquisition. More on this developing story here.

Steam <3 NVIDIA Gamers

And to prove it, Steam's giving away a handful of goodies to NVIDIA customers. Included is an extended demo of Portal dubbed Portal: First Slice, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, and Peggle Extreme. New and pre-existing Steam owners can snag the freebie package here.



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Very happy to be an Nvidia owner! Thanks for the update MPC.



So Steam is shunning all the ATI people? What gives here?



I thought "Portal: First Slice" was an entirely new game, turns out it's just a dumbed-down trial of the original Portal. Labeling confusion ftl.

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