Daily News Brief: Auto Pilot Software for your Car!

Daily News Brief: Auto Pilot Software for your Car!

Super Cruise Control!

Ever wish you could throw your car into auto pilot and sleep through rush hour? Teledyne Technologies has, and their software is being used to control TerraMax, a large green truck capable of driving itself. The prototype can navigate and obey traffic rules all on its own, such as stopping at a four-way intersection and waiting until it's clear. The most likely use for this technology will probably be with the military, though we'd love to see cell phone chatting, make-up applying motorists end up as beneficiaries at some point.

Sony Confirms 40GB Playstation 3

It was rumored, and now it's confirmed; Sony will start selling a 40GB version of the Playstation 3 console this Wednesday in Europe. Priced at €399 (roughly $560), the new vesion cuts the USB ports down from four to two, ditches the multi memory card port, and throws backwards compatibility with PS2 games out the window. Sony claims backwards compatibility was nixed from lack of user interest, and "availability of a more extensive line-up of PS3 specific titles." Er, thanks?

Google Developing Cell Phone OS

There's been much speculation about an upcoming gPhone from Google, but don't expect the iPhone killer any time soon. Instead, the NYTimes reports Google's more interested in creating mobile software to challenge Microsoft's Windows Mobile. The as yet unnamed open source platform will seek to cut into Microsoft's 10 percent smartphone market share, and according to Dan Olschwang, JumpTap's cheif executive, "Google's agenda is to disaggregate carriers."

Msnbc.com Grabs Newsvine

Marking their first acquisition in their 11-year history, Msnbc.com acquired Newsvine, the social news site. Terms of the all-cash transaction have not been disclosed, but other similar sites have gone for as much as $75 million, the amount eBay paid for StumbleUpon.com. MSNBC plans to integrate Newsvine mainly at the story level, which might help them compete with Digg, Reddit, and Del.icio.us.

Vonage Settles Disput with Sprint...

...in a fight to the death! Not really, but Vonage did agree to fork over $80 million in a licensing agreement that allows them to use Sprint's patents for VoIP technology. The agreement ends a series of legal battles between the two companies over patent infringement, and softens the latest legal blow to hit Vonage just a couple weeks ago, news of which resulted in a 33 percent stock price plummet.

How to Cook an XBox 360

You won't find this dish at any of Emeril's restaurants, but in case you ever wondered, you surely can cook an XBox 360. Engadget has the pics, with several shots of the ill-fated console after having sat on a turned-on stove top. Apparently the unit still works, but we'd venture to guess that from now on, the gamer gone chef incorporates an entertainment rack into his list of ingredients. BAM!



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Since the introduction of Electronic Stability Control system driving is much safer. I'm pretty sure that autopilot is the future but what about obstacles or jaywalkers, is the autopilot smart enough to avoid them?
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Um... I'm pretty sure that truck is yellow.


Rocky Lohia

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They're calling it 'lime-green'. Have a look at the first pic on this page (LINK).



With the most obvious response...
aren't there enough overheating issues with the dang thing?!!!!
There's no time like the future.



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