Daily News Brief: AT&T to Offer Napster Downloads

Daily News Brief: AT&T to Offer Napster Downloads

AT&T and Napster Partner Up

Come Monday, AT&T will unveil a new service enabling users to wirelessly download Napster's entire catalog of five million songs. Priced at $1.99 per song or $7.49 for five songs per month, it remains unknown which devices will work with the new service (iPhone users need not hold their breath; it won't be compatible). Songs purchased and downloaded directly to a compatible phone can also be transferred as a second copy to a PC.

XBox 360 to Get Integrated HD-DVD Player

XBox 360 owners can purchase an HD-DVD add-on drive (which also works on PCs), but rumblings from Toshiba indicate they're working with Microsoft to integrate an HD-DVD player into a new version of the console. It will also carry a larger hard drive and entertainment software, and possibly be sold under Toshiba's brand name. With Sony's Playstation 3 featuring a built-in Blu-ray drive, the new XBox 360 could heat up both the console and high definition wars.

Speaking of Console Wars...

...the Nintendo Wii finally was finally outsold in monthly sales last September, losing out the XBox 360 by a narrow margin (501,000 compared to 527,000). It's the first time since the Wii's debut last November that Nintendo failed to outsell competing game consoles, and the true credit goes out to Halo 3, which pulled in phenomenal sales numbers, causing a flurry of XBox 360 sales.

Still Not Safe to Click

This should be old hat to Maximum PC readers, but one more time, refrain from clicking on those links in emails. The latest nasty making the rounds targets business owners, and the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) warns that emails circulating with the subject "Harassment Complaint Update For" are bogus; clicking on the provided link could render a machine infected. Under EEOC policy, employers are notified of legitimate complaints via the US Postal Service, and not through email.

Live Search Has Crazy Mad Skills, Y0!

Google and company take note: You're going to be poster-ized. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but Microsoft's Live Search is "gonna dunk every other guy some day." That's how Steve Ballmer put it during a Web Summit 2.0 interview, in which he was asked if Live Search was a 'one trick pony'. But before dissing Live Search as a bench warmer in the online search market, consider that Microsoft has recently upped its skill-set, quadrupling the sites the search engine indexes and tweaking the search algorithms.

Home Techies Take a Break on Halloween

Come Halloween, focus on putting the final touches to that custom R2D2 costume or Linux Penguin suit and leave your IT hat behind. That doesn't mean leaving your malware infested neighbors and relatives stranded, but you can take the night off thanks to a couple of companies offering free tech support on Halloween. CyberDefender, an internet security provider, and tech support provider Quatrro will offer remote scans and repairs free of charge on October 31.



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The free support for the day will take a load off my back! Since moving across the country, I've found an even larger customer base to feed my company, but I seem to be getting in a lot more business than I was expecting (or used to). This will be a nice break!

I still will be cautious of the XBox 360 even after this, what 5th version, is released (not counting the dual-skus). Maybe I'll get one, since Ace Combat 6 is coming out soon...
-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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